Please note that there are more timelines out there than stars in the sky. While the dates may vary, the basic order of things happening is the same. The timeline is mainly meant for our RPG, however I do think its one of the more complete ones available. Your mileage may vary.

Compiled by Aubry Thonon
Edited by Peter Walker
Edited further by Mike Perry
TIW Information by Dave Deitrich

Dates are in the following format:
Earth actual [(REF relative)]

Dates are certain, in general, to the lowest significant digit. For example:
12000 BCE is known to within 500 years.
May, 2010 is known to 15 days.

The religiously neutral 'C.E.' and 'B.C.E' have been used in the Terran calendars, following the practice in current historical and archaeological circles. The dates correspond exactly to the conventional 'A.D.' and 'B.C' systems, respectively.

15,000,000,000 B.C.E:
The Big Bang (Birth of the universe), as estimated from Hubble constant, Globular Cluster ages, and white dwarf cooling rates.
15000 B.C.E.:
Beginning of Pretoxican Culture (0 P.C.).
2400 P.C.:
First Pretoxican Settlement of Space begins, using sublight vessels.
2700 P.C.:
Second Pretoxican Settlement of Space begins, using Sleeper navigation.
2800 P.C.:
Pretoxican Republic established.
2900 P.C.:
A Pretoxican Renegade's exploration vessel stops temporarily on several planets in the Fourth Quadrant, interfering with the biosphere of each.
12000 B.C.E.(3000 P.C.):
Pretoxican Republic Collapses.
2596 B.C.E.:
Tirol unites into the Tirolian Republic.
2482 B.C.E.:
Tirolian civilisation develops sublight ships.
2475 B.C.E.:
Zor discovers Optera and Flower of Life.
Derives Protoculture from it.
First Zentraedi created to mine monopole ore from Fantoma. (0 Protoculture Era)
7 P.E.:
Fold drives "perfected".
22 P.E.:
Robotech Elders overthrow the Tirolian Republic and install the Triumvirate system of Government.
Zentraedi turned into soldiers.
Longevity process discovered.
1298 P.E.:
Zor ordered to defoliate Optera.
Robotech Empire starts to expand its influence.
4175 P.E.:
A fraction of the Zentradi forces rebel, contaminated by Spherian influence.
Elders' empire is broken.
Loyal Zentraedi break the rebels and are modified to remember the danger of contact with micronian races.
To increase the available internal space of their limited fleet, the decision is made to micronize all of the Rebel fleet. Only the mecha pilots are left full size. However, they are kept in stasis when not fighting.
4383 P.E.:
Robotech Masters take reins of power from Elders. Protoculture supplies are dangerously low.
4405 P.E.:
Zor starts to seed other worlds with Flower of Life.
4407 P.E.:
Invid Regis becomes aware of Flowers of Life on Peryton.
Appropriates fruits from the Perytonian Flower of Life and offers them to the Regent.
Regent devolves and starts military campaign against the Tirolian Robotech Empire.
4411 P.E.:
Zor killed on seeding mission over Karbarra.
Zor's Fortress, set on auto-pilot, is sent to Earth.
Invid closing on core systems.
4412 P.E. (Sep, 1937)
Robotech Masters authorise Dolza to use 'any means necessary' to recapture Zor's Fortress.

Aug, 1945:
Nuclear weapons used in actual combat.
Jul, 1969:
Neil Armstrong, in Apollo 11, is first man to walk on Moon.
Apr, 1981:
Maiden flight of Space Shuttle (Columbia).
Feb 27, 1995:
An international Space Station, Liberty appears in low Earth orbit.
Arguments of its ownership and fear of its use as a strategic weapon cause fighting to break out world wide. World War III.
No nuclear weapons are used, but several chemical and biological weapons are tested.
WWIII continues until July 1999.
Dec, 1996:
First introduction of power armor in the US, CIS and Japanese forces.
Jan, 1998:
Experimental nuclear fusion reactor overcomes critical temperature point.
Jul, 1999:
A colossal meteorite impacts with Earth, coming to rest on South Atalia Island. Investigation reveals that it is an alien spacecraft. It is codenamed ASS-1 (Alien StarShip-1). Public announcements are that an asteroid 3 km in diameter, composed of great quantities of metal, impacted with the earth. As a result of the damage which the combined shock of the existence of aliens and the crash-landing of ASS-1 has done to the US, CIS, and the major European nations, the matter is treated as top secret until the chaos and confusion are brought under control. What begins as an emergency meeting between the heads of the US and CIS becomes an assembly of all nations.
Aug, 1999:
UN Investigating Teams organized. Precise, accurate, minute investigation of ASS-1 begins. South Atalia Island designated UN sphere of jurisdiction.
Dec, 1999:
According to first report of the study of ASS-1, it is discovered that the alien spacecraft is a warship, and its crew are fully five times the size of human beings. In preparation for alien warfare, a project is begun to unite the earth into one nation.
Mar, 2000:
Alltech Corporation, a research organization analyzing the alien technology, established through joint Japanese-US-CIS-German-English-French collaboration.
Apr, 2000:
Development of weapons systems for use in combat against the giants begins.
Jun, 2000:
Aliens' existence formally announced (excepting the fact of their size, which is kept top secret).
Following this, framing plan for United Earth Government officially proclaimed.
Jul, 2000:
Outbreak of dispute in People's Republic of Kuwait, in the Middle East. The disputes and rebellions/civil wars frequently occurring hereafter in various parts of the world, coupled with World War III, eventually came to be known (somewhat inaccurately) as the Global Civil War.
Oct, 2000:
Construction of the gigantic, permanent, Apollo Lunar Base begins in the Sea of Tranquility.
Jan, 2001:
United Earth Government inaugurated. Founding Prime Minister, Harlan J. Niven.
United Earth Forces established.
Feb, 2001:
Repair and remodeling of ASS-1 for use as main battleship of United Earth Forces begins, with Alltech Corporation as heart of project.
ASS-1 renamed SDF-1 (Super Dimension Fortress-1) Macross, the apparent name of the vessel in the language of its original owners. Estimated date of launch: May, 2006.
Mar, 2001:
Successful development of new materials by Alltech
May, 2001:
Construction of giant space manufacturing station begins at L-5, in Lunar orbit.
Jul, 2001:
Construction of permanent base on Mars begins.
Civilians begin to immigrate to South Atalia Island, to work on repair of SDF-1.
South Atalia Island renamed Macross Island.
Aug, 2001:
Theory of SDF-1's thermonuclear Reflex system explained. Reflex Engines still a mystery.
Sep, 2001:
The "Destroid System," ground-combat anti-giant weaponry, begins trial production.
Robotech Defence Force formed.
Nov, 2001
Theory of firing system for SDF-1's main cannon explained.
Feb, 2002:
Tentative plan introduced for variable all-purpose combat system for use against the giants.
Mar, 2002:
Grand Cannon Theory finished.
May, 2002:
Building of United Earth Military Anti-Stellar-Warfare Headquarters begins, in Alaska. On the same site, Grand Cannon No. 1 is constructed.
Jul, 2002:
First Battle for Macross Island fought against the Anti-Unification Army.
Nov, 2002:
Critical temperature exceeded on Earth-made thermonuclear Reflex plant, at Alltech Corporation.
Apr, 2003:
Construction of Armoured Series of space carriers begins, as well as space destroyers, at the L-5 manufacturing station.
Nov, 2003:
In a factory beneath Apollo Lunar Base, using feedback from repair work on SDF-1, construction begins on SDF-2, a stellar space battleship purely of Earth origin.
Jan, 2004:
Thermonuclear Reflex bomb finished, by Alltech.
Apollo Moon Base becomes operational
Feb, 2004:
Thermonuclear Reflex bomb successfully tested on Lunar surface.
Mar, 2004:
Construction on Grand Cannon No. 2 begins in the Australian Autonomous Region.
Sep, 2004:
Super miniaturized thermonuclear Reflex plant finished by Alltech.
Reflex Theory understanding minimal but sufficient to adapt systems on SDF-1 to Terran weaponry and mechanisms.
Oct, 2004:
Grand Cannon No. 3 planned in South America, in the Brazil Autonomous Region.
Nov, 2004:
Deterioration of world economy lead to drastic delays on, caused by increases in defense expenses for, the SDF-1 Restoration Project.
Dec, 2004:
First use of Reflex explosion, during Grand Cannon construction work.
Jan, 2005:
Rioting breaks out in Kazakhstan, Central Asia Autonomous Region.
The Second Battle for Macross Island is fought.
Mar, 2005:
The Orvelt Class of Type-1 Space Destroyers is commissioned. Only four of this vessel are built, to be replaced by the far less trouble-ridden Europa Class Type-3 Space Destroyer.
Apr, 2005:
Harlan J. Niven, Founding Prime Minister of the United Earth Government, is assassinated. His successor is Robert A. Rhysling.
Jul, 2005:
Frequent occurrences of guerilla warfare all over America.
Aug, 2005:
First A.R.M.D. Platform enters service. Immediately, 4 more are ordered constructed.
Nov, 2005:
In a retaliatory attack, the Anti-Unification Army destroys the United Forces' Grand Cannon No. 2 during construction in Australia. Efforts moved to Grand Cannon No. 3 in Brazil.
Dec, 2005:
The Supersize Semi-Submersible Aircraft Carrier Prometheus, CVS-101 (later designated simply as "assault carrier"), is commissioned, for Robotic Technology Mechanism use.
Jan, 2006:
First recorded usage of the words "Robotech Mecha" as an abbreviation of Robotic Technology Mechanism.
Mar, 2006:
Grand Cannon No. 4 planned in the Lunar North Polar Region.
Apr, 2006:
The Supersize Assault Debarkation Warship Daedalus, SLV-111, is commissioned. 12 more Supersize vessels are ordered.
May, 2006:
Outbreak of the Third Battle for Macross Island.
Jun, 2006:
Decision made to formally introduce the MBR-04 series of Destroids. (Excalibur, Spartan, Raidar-X)
Mass production begins.
Oct, 2006:
In the Central Russia Administrative Region, the Anti-Unification Army uses tactical nuclear weapons. Leningrad's annihilation is an announcement that using thermonuclear Reflex weaponry on the Earth's surface in a retaliatory strike is possible.
Nov, 2006:
Battle for Macross Island ends.
Jan, 2007:
Global Civil War concludes. Training Center for crew of SDF-1 established on Macross Island.
Feb, 2007:
The VF-X1, prototype of the variable-combat machines, begins flight testing. Roy Fokker is test pilot.
Mar, 2007:
Stationing of Destroids aboard the SLV-111 Daedalus begins.
May, 2007:
Grand Cannon No. 5 planned in the Victorian Autonomous Region, Africa.
Jun, 2007:
Testing of the VF-X1's usefulness in space begins.
Nov, 2007:
Decision made to formally introduce the VF-X1. Mass production of the VF-1 series Veritech begins.
Mar, 2008:
Anti-Unification Army highjacks a Europa-class Space Destroyer (UES Helene), and threatens to destroy Mars Base Sara. The UES Europa is sent after them, but is destroyed. Helene then attacks the Mars Base evacuation fleet, killing everyone aboard (including Lisa Hayes fiancee, Carl Riber). The UES Agamemnon is ordered to destroy the Helene, and succeeds.
Jul, 2008:
Space Carrier ARMD-2 commissioned.
Aug, 2008:
VF-1 series begins deployment for actual combat. (However, usage is limited to aircraft configuration only, for reasons of internal security.)
Oct, 2008:
ARMD-3 and ARMD-10 commissioned. ARMD-10 is a new design, specialized (unlike the others) for Veritechs.
Feb, 2009:
Launching ceremonies for SDF-1 Macross.
A Zentraedi fleet, commanded by Breetai, arrives in Sol System. Breetai commands 100,000 ships.
Outbreak of First Robotech War between Earth and the Zentraedi.
ARMD-01, -02, -03, and -10, as well as two Type-1 and four Type-3 Space Destroyers, are destroyed in the initial battles.
Macross makes serious mistake in Fold navigation, arriving near Pluto. Zentraedi follow.
Mar, 2009:
ARMD carrier production begins anew.
City completed within Macross.
Macross Transformation.
Rick Hunter enlists in RDF.
May, 2009:
ARMD-4 and ARMD-5 commissioned.
Aug, 2009:
ARMD-6 commissioned.
Sep, 2009:
Breetai calls up Khyron's Botoru Batallion.
Oct, 2009:
Macross engages in Battle of Mars Base.
ARMD-7 commissioned.
Macross shipboard TV station begins broadcasting.
Rick Hunter given command of Vermillion Sqaudron.
Nov, 2009:
Lisa Hayes, Rick Hunter, Maximillian Sterling and Ben Dixon become prisoners of the Zentraedi. The first contact between Terran and Zentraedi takes place.
Breetai given command of the Imperial Adoclas fleet. Breetai now commands over 1 million warships.
Lynn Minmei becomes Miss Macross.
Macross returns to Earth, landing in Atlantic Ocean.
Meeting with UED's goverment leaders in Alaska. Gloval's reports fall on deaf ears.
Miirya's Quadronno Battalion brought in.
Roy Fokker is killed by Miirya's Quadronno's.
Dec, 2009:
City of Toronto, in the Ontario Autonomous Region in North America, is annihilated when Macross' omnidirectional barrier overloads.
Macross, under orders to sortie away from Earth, once again leaves Earth's atmosphere.
Ben Dixon dies.
Jan, 2010:
ARMD-8 commissioned.
The film Zhao Bai Lung (Little White Dragon) premieres, starring Minmei and Kyle.
Zentraedi begin seeking refuge aboard Macross.
Grand Cannon No. 1 completed in Alaska.
The stellar wedding of the Terran Maxmillian Sterling and the Zentraedi Miriya Parino is broadcast.
Feb, 2010:
A peace agreement is reached between Macross and Breetai's Adoclas fleet.
Dolza's Grand Fleet (4.8 million warships) arrives in Sol System, leaving Tirol virtually undefended.
Grand Cannon #1 fired at Grand Fleet, marginal results.
Zentraedi fire all reflex cannons at Earth, destroying 70% of the planets surface.
Dolza's fleet annihilated through Operation "Lynn Minmei." Surface battle begins.
SDF-1, very battle worn, manages a shakey landing near Montana/Canada border.
Mar, 2010:
First Robotech War ends. Atmospheric purification operation executed.
Apr, 2010:
New United Government established. Education and transforming of Zentraedi into Micronians begins.
May, 2010:
Reconstruction of New Macross City well underway.
Restoration of Nature project begins.
Jun, 2010:
Construction begins anew on SDF-2, now christened Megalord, at New Macross - transferred from Apollo Lunar Base. At the same time, patrols of Sol System begin, using Super Valkyries based at Apollo Base.
Nov, 2010:
UEG appropriates funds for the development of new classes of Veritechs and Destroids.
Dec, 2010:
Repairs to Breetai's ship are completed, and it is recommissioned as the main ship of the New United Forces.
Percentage of Zentraedi converted to Micronians exceeds 50%.
Southern Cross formed as local militia in South America.
Mar, 2011:
First mixed-breed birth, to Max and Miriya Sterling.
Southern Cross begins deveoping thier own mecha and weapon designs.
Aug, 2011:
Rioting by Zentraedi the world over begins occurring. Patrols begin for sake of maintaining public law and order.
Part of Skull squadron sent to South America to train the pilots there on new combat routines. Max Sterling commanding
Sep, 2011:
Study of plan for project for voyage to Robotech Masters' home-world begins.
Oct, 2011:
Armed resistance by Zentraedi breaks out.
Skull squadron recalled from South America.
Operation to seize Factory Satellite begins.
Nov, 2011:
Factory Satellite arrives at Earth.
Factory Satellite breaks-down.
Attack on New Detroit.
Khyron's group goes into action. The Lynn Minmei hostage operation.
Dec, 2011:
Khyron captures Protoculture Matrix.
SDF-2 transferred to Macross Lake, to recieve SDF-1's Reflex Furnaces
Jan, 2012:
Battle for New Macross City.
Khyron destroys SDF-1 and SDF-2, killing many heros of the 1st Robotech War.
Project for travel to Tirol made public.
Jul, 2012:
Several Nations declare independence of the UEG.
Aug, 2012:
Zentraedi Control Zone is defined. RDF surrounds the Zentraedi with forces and tries to minimize the Zentraedi threat.
Skull squadron liberates Brazillian Grand Cannon.
Sep, 2012:
Current point in Macross: Malcontent Uprisings RPG game
Oct, 2012:
Malcontent Uprisings begin.
Col. Wolff assigned to protect humans from Malcontents.
Wolff Pack formed around old pre-RDF Hover Tanks.
Mar, 2012:
Skull squadron transfered to Monument City.
Jan, 2015:
Malcontent Uprisings end.
Feb, 2015:
Army of the Southern Cross is formally established as global defence force..
Construction of the Monument City Southern Cross Headquarters is begun.
Mar, 2015:
Test of first Alpha prototype fails.
Aug, 2015:
EBSIS capture a Protoculture generator. Soviets begin to produce their own mecha.
Sep 03, 2015:
RDF squadron launches a retaliatory strike against EBSIS, destroying Protoculture generator.
Jan, 2016:
More nations declare independence of UEG.
Oct, 2017:
Development of the new Destroids begins.
Nov 3, 2017:
Scott Bernard born on Mars Base.
VAF-3 Alpha pilotless prototype completed and tested.
Aug, 2018:
Command staff of the SDF-3 selected, and the ship's construction is begun.
Development of the Logan and Hovertank begins.
Ikazuchi cruisers conceived.
Troops for REF selected: 300,000 humans, 40,000 Zentraedi.
Dec, 2022:
VAF-6 Alpha and VBF-1 Beta docking first tested with mixed success by pilots Max Sterling and Karen Penn.
Jan, 2023:
Hunters are wed. SDF-3 departs for Tirol, 75% of troops in stasis for the voyage.
Construction of VHT and Logan continues in earnest. Battloids, Combat shuttles, AJACS, and Modat developed.
REF in transit. Crew thinks voyage is instantaneous.
Invid invade Tirol.
L.2027 (E.2023):
SDF-3 arrives and liberates Tirol, and Tiresia Base is staffed by the awakened troops.
E.2028 (L.2023):
Anatole Leonard becomes Field Marshall. Southern Cross strengthens its forces.
Sentinels' ship arrives at Tirol.
L.2028 (E.2024):
Karbarra is liberated.
E.2029 (L.2024):
Praxian campaign. Farrago is destroyed and Sentinels are trapped on Praxis.
Regent's simulagent arrives on Tirol and is killed by Tesla.
Wolff is accused of the 'murder' of the Regent.
E.2030 (L.2025):
Praxis is destroyed. Sentinels are rescued by Ark Angel. Garuda is liberated. Many soldiers breathe Garudan air.
L.2030 (E.2026):
Robotech Masters arrive and try to steal EVE memory, but fail.
Sentinels arrive under truce at Haydon. Carpenter leaves in Tokugawa for Earth. Because of the uncertainty in fold drives, his voyage takes seventeen months, although the crew perceive it as instantaneous.
Cyclone is perfected.
E.2031 (L.2026):
2nd Robotech War begins.
Haydon liberated.
Wolff stands trial.
Edwards defects and flees to Optera.
L.2031 (E.2027):
First Robotech Master flagship is downed, but is later repaired.
Spheris is liberated.
E.2032 (L.2027):
Tokugawa arrives at Earth and is destroyed, taking a Robotech Master flagship with it. Carpenter warns Leonard that he can expect no more aid from the REF at this time (not aware of the calendar discrepency).
Back at the fleet, Wolff leaves for Earth in the Marcus Antonius, with the 3rd Planetary Corps and the 5th REF Air Force Division, to set up bases on Earth to support the Southern Cross. His voyage takes seventeen months in real-space (again, instantaneous from the crew's perspective).
Oct 8, 2032:
2nd Robotech war ends. The Flower of Life grows readily all over Earth.
L.2032 (E.2028):
Peryton is liberated; its 'curse' broken.
E.2033 (L.2028):
EBSIS is the dominant world power. The Southern Cross disbands many remaining squadrons.
Opteran campaign.
Breetai and the Regent are killed.
Edwards takes over Optera but is defeated and killed.
Optera renamed New Praxis.
L.2033 (E.2029):
Wolff arrives, and sets up six bases to help defend the beleaguered planet.
Ark Angel returns to Tirol.
May 13, 2034:
EBSIS launches preemptive strike against Germany.
Passau is destroyed.
Second Global Civil War begins.
May 15, 2034:
Invid arrive, destroying both UEG and EBSIS.
Second Global Civil War ends.
Invid occupation begins.
Marcus Antomius returns with 15th ATAC Southern Cross and the solution to the REF's spacefolding problems.
Calendar discrepencies noted.
E.2034 (L.2029):
Karbarran shipyards are retooled and begin to construct warships for the REF.
L.2034 (E.2030):
Invid forces rout last Southern Cross regulars.
E.2035 (L.2030):
Fleets constructed. Galaxy wide mop-up operation against the Regent's remaining outposts commences.
L.2035 (E.2031):
Shadow device is conceived.
E.2036 (L.2032):
Resistance movement gains much strength.
Mars Fleet leaves for Earth, lead by Valiant and De Ruyter.
Sep 14, 2036:
Mars Fleet arrives and is decimated. Survivors join resistance.
Scott Bernard arrives on Earth.
Shadowdrones perfected and added to arsenal.
Shadow devices installed on Alphas, Betas and spacecraft.
May, 2038:
Jupiter Group arrives at Earth.
Final attack on Reflex Point.
Invid Regis leaves Earth taking all her children.
Returning REF Fleet devestated, 89% losses.
SDF-3 never defolds. Scott Bernard leads rescue mission aboard Ark Angel
L. 2038
Invid Regis and remains of the Invid race settle on a remote world on the very edge of the galaxy. Planet is named New Optera.
First crops of the Invid Flower of Life do not do well on New Optera.
Invid scientists estimate that the race will starve in 6-9 months unless a temporary food supply can be found.
Regis begins to consider re-occupation of Earth.
Regis creates the Stage 6 Invid as leaders for the Earth Occupation Forces.
Invid forces return and reoccupy Earth.
Remains of Jupiter Attack Group attack Invid and are destroyed.
Stage 6 Invid are slowly becoming corrupted by their power.
Friction between Stage 5 and Stage 6 Invid starts to increase.
Rook, Rand, Lancer, and other heroes of the Second Invid War form Rook's Knights, a large resistance group operating primarily in western North America. Rook and Lancer are elected co-leaders of the group.
Stage 6 Invid develop the "Fortress Earth" plan to blockade the planet with a series of powerful orbiting hives.
Construction of Invid Space Hives begins.
Back at Tirol, Colonels John Korcheck and Roger Harris receive approval for Earth reconnaisance mission. Preparations for REF Icarus Recon Group begin.
Anton Kosmas betrays Rook's Knights and leads the group into an ambush. Kosmas detonates a nuclear device killing most of the Knights, although Rook, Lancer and the others survive.
The surviving members of Rook's Knights break up and go their separate ways.
Jun, 2043
Kurgatch and Invid co-design a super-mecha, the Mobile Sonic Cannon. The MSC is destroyed by California Freedom League.
Invid complete Space Hives. New Invid mecha designs begin to appear on Earth.
July, 2043:
Start of our local RPG campaign.
Jan, 2044:
Current date of our local Third Invid War RPG campaign.