A.R.M.D. Space Platform

The A.R.M.D. Space Platform or "Carrier Space Ships" were originally designed to be a sort of orbital docking platform for space fighters and Veritech Fighters. However, the design was modified, adding an array of weapon systems to the platform and converting it into an aircraft carrier in space. The A.R.M.D. Space Platforms quickly became a major component in the Earth Defence Force's strategic system.

Utilizing the secrets of Robotechnology unearthed from the ASS-1, the A.R.M.D. space platforms were built and places into orbit around the Earth. However, despite the overall achievements of the structure, the A.R.M.D. fleet of five would prove inneffective against the overwhelming Zentraedi fleet. Only two would survive the ultimate conflict; left to circle the Earth as ever watchful guardians of the Robotech Defence Force.

The greatest disadvantage of the A.R.M.D. space platforms is thier low speed and lack of overall manueverability. Another strike against them is that they are not designed for deep space travel, limited to Earth orbit and short trips to the Moon.

Two A.R.M.D platforms were to be attached to the SDF-1, to augment its fighter capabilities, but they were destroyed by the Zentraedi during the docking operation. Later, two water-based aircraft carriers were attached, following the SDF-1's fold operation to Pluto.


Crew: 160 officers
2900 enlisted men
600 fighter pilots
Speed: 250mph
Length: 1890ft
Width: 263ft
Height: 210ft
Weight: 474,000 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Five Main Laser Cannons
  • Two Heavy Anti-Warship Missile Launchers
  • Six Medium Anti-Warship Missile Launchers
  • 24 Anti-Aircraft Laser Cannons

Vehicle/Mecha Complement

  • 270 QF-3000E Ghost Fighters
  • 200 SPC-II Space Cannons
  • 96 Veritech Fighters