Logan Veritech

Fighter Mode

The Logan Veritech Fighter, like the original VF series, is a transformable aircraft. However, there are several distinct differences between the Logan and its predecessor. The Logan is a much smaller, lighter vehicle being less than half the size of the original VF series. The reduced size is to provide greater speed and mobility, although these aspects are actually marginal improvements. The size reduction reflects improvements in the manufacture of Robotech circuitry.

The Logan's weapon systems are quite different from the earlier Veritechs. In jet mode the forward high-powered lasers are supplemented by a rapid-fire cannon built into the nose. The head lasers are completely gone, and the famous GU-11 gun pod is replaced with the more efficient E-20 energy pod, which resembles a giant pistol. The use of missiles is much more limited. Four short range missiles or two medium range missiles can be mounted on the wings. However, this is an optional mode of attack used only when extremely heavy combat is anticipated. The reason for this is simple: The Logan can not change to guardian mode until all missiles have been fired. This severely impairs the versatility of the otherwise transformable mecha unit.

In addition to the size configuration of the Logan, the single greatest difference from its predecessor is that it has only TWO modes: Jet and Guardian. Battloid mode is not a configuration available to the Logan design. However, this does not impair the smaller Veritech's combat abilities. First, the Logan is an assault and defence unit designed specifically for fast, aerial and battlefield combat, and not civil defence or urban combat. Second, its small size provides it the versatility to engage in close quarter or urban, ground combat if necessary. The guardian mode is quite satisfactory for ground combat. Third, the heavily armoured Veritech Hover Tanks serve as the new ground infantry and civil defence units.

A new twist to mecha, as well as battle armour garbed soldiers, is the use of tough, reinforced shields. The complex, metal alloy and laser resistant ceramic coating enables the mecha/soldier to actually parry or block projectiles and energy blasts. The newly developed laser resistant ceramics have also been applied to the mecha itself, making the entire Veritech less vulnerable to laser bombardment. Laser blasts do half damage. Projectile and other energy blasts still do full damage.

It is important to point out that, unlike the original Veritech jet fighters, the Logan is primarily Earthbound and can NOT breach the atmosphere to enter space under its own power. Furthermore, the vehicle does not function particularly well in the vacuum of space. Consequently, the Logan Veritech is rarely used in space. It is the AJACS Attack Copter that is specifically designed for space combat.


Guardian Mode
Fighter Guardian
Speed: 3082mph 1340mph
40mph running
Height: 7.5ft 12ft
Width: 20.6ft
Weight: 6 tons
Range: 4 years continual use
8 year average

Weapon Systems:

  • Nose-mounted High Powered Lasers (2)
  • Rapid-Fire Laser Tri-Cannon
  • E-20 Laser Pistol
  • 4 SRM OR 2 MRM's
    NOTE: When missiles are used, the mecha cannot transform