AJACS Veritech Attack Helicopter

AJACS Battloid

The Veritech Attack Copter is a versatile mecha designed specifically for space combat, but is also capable of land, or air combat. The basic frame and structure is taken directly from the Veritech Hover Tank. The difference arises from the AJAC'S modifications to enable the basic hovercraft to be space worthy.

As a deep space combat machine the AJACS has no peers. It is twice as agile in space as on land or in an atmosphere. In its element (space) the AJACS can easily out manoeuvre the standard space combat fighters, attaining a space speed of Mach 5 and displaying superior manoeuvrability made possible by the thruster/movement jets built into its feet, arms and helicopter blades. Add its weapon systems of lasers and missiles and some believe it is even superior to the old VF series Veritech Fighters.

Weapons systems include a high powered laser built into the helicopter's nose (head, when in battloid mode), a heavy-duty pulse laser in the arm, and a complement of missiles. The lasers are perfect in an atmosphereless environment, while the medium range missiles give it even greater range and destructive potential.

In an atmosphere the mecha's jet speed is reduced to Mach 2.5, and a comparatively sluggish 240 mph (368 kph) travelling as a helicopter. Yet it is the helicopter aspect that provides the AJACS its true versatility. As a helicopter it has vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities, can stop and hover in mid-air at any altitude, fly low to the ground and even manoeuvre in an urban environment. Maximum altitude with jets engaged is a service ceiling of 60,000 feet.

Although the AJACS Attack Copter is a Veritech mecha, it has only two modes of transformation: Helicopter, with jet speed and flight capabilities, and Battloid, with space mobility. As previously stated, it is specifically designed as a space combat vehicle and functions well in both modes. Unlike its atmosphere-bound cousins, the AJACS does not have any special arm shield. Thus, it can not parry or block energy or projectile attack without blowing its arm to ribbons.

AJACS Fighter


Helicopter Battloid
Speed: 240mph
1675mph with jets
3300mph in space
60mph running
120mph flying
Height: 9ft 26ft
Width: 18.5ft
Weight: 13 tons
Range: 4 years continual use
8 year average

Weapon Systems:

  • Forward High Powered Laser
  • Arm Pulse Laser
  • 16 MRM's
  • Optional use of EU-11/E-20 Gun Pods