Nupetiet-Vernitzs class Flagship

None of the ships in the Zentraedi armada are more powerful or more feared than the Zentraedi Flag Ship class starship. These three and a half mile (5.6 km) long ships are only used as command vessels for the largest fleets, and by the Zentraedi's finest commanders, like Breetai. It can often be seen directing fleets of thousands of cruisers in planet assaults or other massive combat operations. In order to fill this role of command and control, the ship is fitted with extensive weapon systems and communication equipment, as well as carrying a sizable complement of soldiers and mecha. Only the Zentraedi Landing Ship carries more combat troops and mecha.

The flagship is also fitted with a few features the other starships do not possess.

  1. HYPERSPACE COMMUNICATIONS which can span the void of hyperspace instantly to communicate with other flagships, or command bases in distant solar systems. It is by means that Breetai was able to communicate with Dolza.
  2. MECHA NAVIGATIONAL OVERRIDE (Breetai refers to it as "Manual Override"); Instantly seizes control of flight and combat systems, enabling the command ship, Zentraedi Flag Ship, to take control and return all combat pods (including the Officer's Pods and Fighter Pods) to their respective vessels. Commander Breetai used this beam to recall Khryon and his forces from a non-sanctioned assault on the SDF-1.
  3. BIO-SCAN CHAMBER: used specifically to study and analyze alien lifeforms; provides very detailed data regarding physiology, chemical and genetic structure.

In addition to the aforementioned items, the flagships also have larger and superior medical facilities, laboratory, sensor system and communications.



Crew: 37,560
Speed: .16 light speed
Height: 3200ft
Width: 3290ft
Length: 18,800ft
Weight: 270,000,000 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Main Reflex Cannon
  • Heavy Laser
  • 60 Light Lasers
  • 94 Laser Turrets
  • 200 Missile Turrets

Mecha / Vehicles