Male Power Armour [Nousjadeul-Ger]


Power Armour or Nousjadeul-Ger, general usage powered suit, as the Zentraedi call it, is a combination of many things. It is an armoured spacesuit with self-propulsion, an exoskeleton with enhanced strength for manual labour, and a combat armour with interchangeable armaments. Its back thrusters, mounted near the shoulders, provides fair mobility in space, but it can not fly in an atmosphere. Although any Zentraedi, male and female, can use this power armour, It is usually reserved for use by males.

The armour's production is limited because it is not as suited for combat as the Battle Pods. Power Armour lacks the high speed and mobility necessary for combat. It is also much more costly to manufacture. However, it is a valuable part of the Zentraedi armaments it is the only combat armour that has full, manual articulation. One or two Zentraedi in Power Armour are often included in exploration and reconnaissance teams.


NOTE: Since the MPA is more armour than mecha, stats may vary by pilot.

Crew: 1
Speed: 40mph running, 70mph flying
Height: 55ft
Weight: 34.7 tons plus pilot

Weapon Systems:

  • Impact Cannon
  • Shoulder-mounted Particle Beam Cannon
    Shoulder-mounted Plasma Cannon
  • Laser Pistol