Quiltra Queleual class Infantry Landing Ship

The Zentraedi Landing Ship is the third largest Battle Cruiser in the Zentraedi fleet. It's primary purpose is troop, mecha and supply transport to the battlefield. For this reason, it is the most heavily armoured and durable of the Zentraedi fleet. Because it must often dock in hostile territory, the Zentraedi Landing Ship has a battery of 96 medium and short-range missiles launchers scattered along its hull and a complement of combat ready mecha assault pilots, as well as the usual energy weapons employed by the Zentraedi.

In many respects, this battle Cruiser is a massive beach-landing vessel, except rather than a distant shore, it drops its troops and supplies on distant planets or some other star-swept battle front. Its numerous hatches, scattered throughout the ship, makes it possible for immediate dispersal of mecha troops. Generally, as many as 5100 combat troops can be armed and dispatched simultaneously within a matter of minutes. If already on combat alert, and prepared for an assault, the 5100 troops can be launched instantly, at a moment's notice, with an additional 1770 ready to mobilize within two minutes. Additional warriors can be awakened from their stasis sleep as they are needed; although approximately 15 to 20 minutes is required to regain full alertness and suit up in combat mecha. The standard Zentraedi Landing Ship has a complement of roughly 35,000 Battle Pods and an additional 3000 Fighter Pods. Total complement of warriors, including those in stasis sleep, is about 40,000. Remember, ALL Zentraedi personnel are trained warriors.

Unlike its sister spacecraft, the Zentraedi Landing Ship, has a comparatively large facility for recovery and storage. Its two lower decks are predominantly storage areas and hangers. Alien specimens, ores, additional mecha, troops and supplies can be stored here with ease.

Landing Ship


Crew: 38,670
Speed: .16 light speed
Height: 1640ft
Width: 1312ft
Length: 9843ft
Weight: 150,000,000 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Main Reflex Cannon
  • Heavy Laser
  • 24 Light Lasers
  • 17 Laser Turrets
  • 96 Missile Turrets

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