Commander Breetai was one of the Zentraedi's most experienced, loyal and brilliant Field Commanders. The metal plate which covers the right half of his face and head is a memento from an Invid conflict just a decade earlier, and adds to the fearsome giant's grim visage. It was Breetai's long history of success and cunning which prompted Dolza, Supreme Leader of the Zentraedi, to select him for the difficult quest of locating and recovering the lost SDF-1. As Dolza knew, Breetai would find the SDF-1, lost like a needle in an intergalactic haystack, but what he did not forsee, was the profound change contact with these "micronians" would instill in his finest commander. The same cunning and strategy, which had won Breetai victory after victory, would alert him to his own and his fleet's, impending termination at Dolza's hands. They had experienced far too much of the micronian lifestyle and seen as contaminated. Assuch, they would be subject to immediate and total extermination.

However, in a bold move, Breetai would join the tiny warriors he had grown to respect, and assist them in what then seemed to be his last battle. Yet when the din of combat faded, the SDF-1, Breetai, and less than half of his fleet stood triumphant. From that point on, Breetai's respect and friendship (not mere loyalty or obligation to a new master) with the micronians (humans) is forever cemented. With his aid, an orbital Robotech Factory would be captured and brought to Earth.

Now, with the factory able to rebuild and repair their ships and Mecha, Breetai, his ever constant friend and advisor, Exedore, along with Lisa and Rick Hunter, are hard at work reconstructing a combined Zentraedi/human space fleet to repel any new threats from Zentraedi, Invid, or the Robotech Masters themselves. It is also from the orbiting Robotech Factory that our heroes are secretly constructing the SDF-3, for which to carry their struggle for freedom to the Robotech Master's very doorstep.

During the reconstruction of Earth, circa 2012 to about 2023, Breetai is a loyal member of the RDF working closely with Rear Admiral Lisa Hayes, Doctor Emile Lang, and the special team dedicated to the construction of the SDF-3 and a strong space defence fleet. His men are fiercely loyal to him and his cause.

Over these years he will be called upon to exhibit his prowess as a warrior and a Commander in the RDF's Space Defence Division. Ultimately, he and his men will join Rick and Lisa, alongside the SDF-3, on their sojourn to the Robotech Master's homeworld in an attempt to insure the safety of Earth. Ironically, in their absence, the Earth will be assailed not only by the Robotech Master's force, but by the mysterious Invid as well.


Age: Over 500,000 periods (Zentraedi dating system)
Height: 44.5'
Weight: 10 tons
Rank: 2nd in command of Zentraedi Forces, Commander of Andocles Fleet