Lisa Hayes

Lisa Hayes

The daughter of Admiral Hayes, Lisa grew up a navy brat. She joined the Space Corps in hope of being stationed on Mars Base with her fiance, Karl Riber. Instead, Lisa was assigned to the SDF-1 as first officer, in charge of all ship's operations including communications and defence pattern of the Veritech Fighter Squadrons. Tragically, her fiance died when Zentraedi annihilated Mars Base Sara.

Eventually, Lisa falls in love with Rick Hunter. It is a romance filled with endless complications and missed opportunities. Finally, in the last episode of the Macross series, Rick realizes he loves Lisa and not his lovely friend, Lynn Minmei.

Rick and Lisa marry, and together continue their struggle to bring lasting peace to the war-torn planet Earth. Now a Rear Admiral, it is Lisa's job to help construct the top secret SDF-3. She is aided in this endeavour by Zentraedi Commander Breetai and his Minister of Affairs, Exodore. It is a project that will send Lisa, Rick, Breetai and others, on a space odyssey of epic proportions.


Age: 24 at series start, 28 at end
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115lbs
Rank: Commander, First Officer of SDF-1, later Captain of SDF-2