Veritech Hover Tank [Spartas ATAC-01-SCA]

ATAC Battloid

It is generally agreed that the most powerful and toughest of the new Mecha is the Hover Tank. Like all the Mecha of the Southern Cross, the Veritech Tank is much smaller than the Destroids and Veritech Fighters that came before it. However, only a fool would believe that this mighty little mecha was any less powerful. The super alloys which compose its armour and its protoculture based technology makes it as tough as old the Excaliber, and its transformable capabilities make it superior as a ground based assault unit.

The Veritech Tank's reduced size and transformable configurations give it a versatility of movement and range of capabilities unequalled by any of the earlier mecha, with the possible exception of the VF series of Veritech Fighters. The Veritech Hover Tank is designed specifically for ground/urban combat and civil defence. This means it can easily manoeuvre among the concrete canyons of a city. Unlike the larger mecha, the VHT is more in scale with a city and can engage in combat without fear of tumbling buildings down with every wrong move. Likewise, the Hover Tank can engage in high speed pursuits, fit down any street (even alleyways) and modify its size, available weapon systems and mode of transportation by transforming into a different configuration.

The three modes of the Veritech Hover Tank are Transport, Tank and Battloid. In the transport mode the mecha is an armoured transport vehicle capable of speeds up to 100 mph (160.90 kph), and easily traverses the most rocky and rugged terrain. In this mode the mecha hovers on powerful jets of air, 3 to 10 feet (.9 m to 3 m) above the ground. The EU-11 gun pod rests in a special housing in the centre, front, of the tank. In this mode it serves as the mecha's only armament.

A quick transition into tank mode (also referred to as "guardian" mode) sends the mecha into its most lethal configuration. The main cannon is now exposed and ready to unleash its devastating ion blasts. Its secondary, triple-barrelled, auto cannon is also ready to wreak havoc. The EU-11 gun pod is tucked away and cannot be fired in this mode. The main disadvantage of the tank mode is that all movement is incredibly restricted. Maximum speed is a dreadful 8 mph (12.9 kph).

Battloid mode provides all the already known advantages of the humanoid form; all terrain capabilities, climbing, running, grasping, leaping, kicks etc. A new twist to combat is the feasibility of an ancient defensive weapon, the shield. Like the knights of old, the Veritech Hover Tank, and Logan Veritech Fighter, are equipped with especially tough, some say nearly impervious, shields built into the arms. In the case of the Logan it is in the wings; on the VHT it is the weapon housings of the main cannon and the tri-cannon that serve as shields. In battloid mode the two huge, housing units appear to be attached at the shoulder and can be manipulated by arm movement. These so-called shields are so tough that they can block/parry armour piercing shells and energy beams (including particle beams). A successful parry means that damage is sustained only by the shielding that was used to parry the attack. Each arm shield has twice as much M.D.C. as the main body.

The disadvantages of the battloid mode are reduced speed and the immediate availability of only one weapon, the EU-11 gun pod. The main cannon can be extended out of its arm shield housing to fire, but it is the ONLY, one, attack possible that melee. No other attacks or aggressive actions are possible regardless of how many attacks per melee might normally be available. Parries and dodges are still possible.

A new development in armour is a laser resistant ceramic which is used to coat all new mecha, as well as the many suits of battle armour. What this means is that laser weapons do only half damage. This does NOT include any other energy attacks such as particle beams or ion blasts. Nor does it help against explosives.

ATAC Transport


Transport Tank Battloid
Speed: 120mph 8mph 35mph
Height: 7.4ft 14.8ft 20.4ft
Width: 9ft 7.4ft 14.4ft
Weight: 16.4 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Rapid-Fire Ion Cannon
  • 32mm Triple Barreled Auto Cannon
  • EU-11 Gun Pod