Excaliber [MBR-04-VI]

Crew:	1 or 2
Speed:	50mph
Height:	36.1ft
Width:	25.9ft
Length:	16ft
Weight:	31 tons
Weapon Systems:
  • 2 Top-mounted M-89 12.7mm machineguns
  • TZ-IV Gun Clusters (2)
    • Laser
    • 32mm autocannon
    • 180mm Grenade Launcher
    • flamethrower
  • Shoulder missile pods (24 SRM's total)
  • 6 MRM's in shoulder pod
  • 12 SRM's on legs
  • 2 PBC-11 Particle Beam Cannons

The Excaliber is a non-transformable mecha used as an assault and defence, heavy weapons system aboard the SDF-1 and on Earth. In many respects the Excaliber is a combination of a heavy artillery support unit and a frontline combat unit, with both long range and short range armaments. Without a doubt, this mecha's array of weapons outstrips any of its kind. It is often deployed as a companion to the M.A.C.II to protect it from close range assaults. Armed with two gun clusters, machineguns, two particle beam cannons and a battery of missiles, the Excaliber might be best thought of as a walking dreadnought.

It's main disadvantage is that it lacks any hands, making grasping, holding or any articulated work impossible. The absence of hands also limits its effectiveness in hand to hand combat. Another drawback is the Excaliber's slow speed.

Since the Zentraedi assault on Earth, the Excaliber MK-VI has become a major tool in the peace keeping efforts while society tries to rebuild itself. It is an ideal unit in suppressing major uprising, renegade Zentraedi attacks, law enforcement, reconnaissance and patrols in desolate areas.