Spartan [SDR-04-Mk XIII]


The new REF Spartan is, like its predecessor, still the long-range powerhouse of the Destroids. As an artillery support unit, the Spartan is unsurpassed, but even with its additional defensive armaments and hands, it remains the least versatile of all the mecha.

The most obvious change from its predecessor, is the more rounded body and the elongated trunk of the main body that protrudes like a mechanical head of a killer whale or shark. The bottom half of the "shark" head can open up like a gaping maw to unleash another battery of missiles (short range). The two spotlights on both sides of the body resemble eyes, completing the illusion of a monstrous head. Hence its nickname, "The Shark".


Crew: 1 or 2
Speed: 70mph
Height: 28.3ft
Width: 20ft
Length: 16.4ft
Weight: 37 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 40 SRM's
  • 96 Plasma Mini-missiles