Spartan [SDR-04-Mk XII]


The Spartan is a non-transformable mecha used for long range attacks and defence. It can be thought of as a walking missile launcher. This mecha's greatest advantage is that it has the most destructive, long range capabilities of any other Destroid. It was a major force on the SDF-1, and on Earth against the Zentraedi.

As an artillery support unit, the Spartan is unsurpassed, however, it is perhaps the least versatile of all the mecha. it is the second slowest, has no short range defence or secondary weapons system, and not only lacks hands, but also lacks any type of humanoid arm construction or movement, making it extremely awkward in hand to hand combat.

Since the Zentraedi invasion, it has been used primarily as a defensive weapon, but can also function as non-combat workers for construction, hauling heavy loads and demolitions.


Crew: 1 or 2
Speed: 45mph
Height: 39.5ft
Width: 24.6ft
Length: 16ft
Weight: 47.2 tons

Weapon System:

  • 44 MRM/LRM's