VF-1 Super Veritech "Valkyrie"

Battloid Mode

During the SDF-1's return from Pluto, the VF-1 Veritech Fighter was streatched to the limits. As they neared Earth, the months of combat had taken thier toll, and pilots were getting increasingly hard to come by. A way was needed to increase the effectiveness of the current units.

The first attempt at this was the failed Armoured Veritech. While greatly increasing its armour and firepower, the extra weight left the mecha practically a sitting duck. The second attempt was far more successful, resulting is what came to be known as Super Veritechs.

Basically, a Super was just a standard Veritech with new armour and engine modules attached. While the armour was not as thick and protective as that on the Armoured Veritech, is was much lighter, and still protected key areas. In addition, two massive engines were attached to the back of the fighter, more than compensating for the addional weight of the armour. Some extra room at the front of these pods allowed for the addition of 40 short range missiles!

The end result is to give a single Veritech the firepower equal to an entire squadron of standard VF-1's. However, the extra armour cannot be used within an atmosphere, due to the bulky nature of the add-ons. The new armour is also covered in small thrusters, greatly increasing the VF's agility in space. Also, if neccessary, the armour can be instantly jetisoned, reverting the mecha back to a standard VF.

Fighter Mode


Fighter Guardian Battloid
Speed: 3,150mph with boosters 670mph 60mph running, 150mph flying
Height: 22.3ft 29.6ft 45.9ft
Width: 48ft 48ft 20ft
Weight: 28.6 tons
Range: 5 years continual use
12 year average


  • 2 high powered lasers in upper thighs. Forward firing in jet mode.
  • 1/2/4 lasers mounted on head. Vary by model.
  • Various numbers of short/medium/long ranged missiles. Warhead types vary from smoke to nuclear.
  • GU-11 Gun Pod. Standard issue 53-mm triple barreled rotary cannon
  • Conventional hand-to-hand attacks such as punch, kick, stomp or body block.
  • 20 short range missiles per booster pack, for a total of 40