VF-1 Armoured Veritech "Valkyrie"

The first attempt at increasing the power of the standard VF-1, the Armoured Veritech was a dismal failure. While giving the mecha massive amounts of armour and firepower, it reduced its agility to almost nil. In addition, if the mecha wanted to transform out of Battloid mode, the armour had to be jettisoned.

Basically, it converted the expensive, versatile and agile Veritech into a slow, even more expensive version of a Spartan Destroid. After a few field tests, the unit was quickly dropped, particularly when the powerful Super Veritech was developed.

The additional armour covered almost all of the mecha, front and back. It also included booster packs, similar but much less powerful than, the Super Veritech.


Fighter Battloid
Speed: 40mph running, 40mph flying
Height: 45.9ft
Width: 25ft
Weight: 34.2 tons
Range: 5 years continual use
12 year average


  • 1/2/4 lasers mounted on head. Vary by model.
  • 12 SRM's per shoulder
  • 3 SRM's per arm
  • 3 SRM's on each hip
  • 12 SRM's per leg
  • 10 SRM's in the chest
  • GU-11 Gun Pod. Standard issue 53-mm triple barreled rotary cannon
  • Conventional hand-to-hand attacks such as punch, kick, stomp or body block.