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About Us


Who Are We?

The Wallaceburg and District Museum is situated near the heart of downtown Wallaceburg. Located at 505 King Street, the museum occupies the former Wallaceburg Hydro Building and is less than half a block from the banks of the Sydenham River. 

The museum documents the beginning of our community from the founding of the Baldoon Settlement by Lord Selkirk in 1804 to its success as an industrial hub in the mid-1900s. The town’s first industries included lumber mills and cooperages. Industry later transitioned to glass, sugar and automotive parts production. Agriculture also plays a major role in the local economy to this day.

We are very excited to have recently been recognized as a Bike Friendly business by the Canadian government. We offer refreshments and have a place to cool off with somewhere to park and lock up your bike. There are free maps available in our gift shop to help plan your route, 


Our History

The Von Ayres Cultural Centre is home to the Wallaceburg & District Historical Society, the Frank Murdock Sports Hall of Fame, the Jeanne Gordon Hall. 

The museum is built upon a plot of land originally granted to Captain John McGregor by the Crown for outstanding service in the War of 1812. In 1876, McGregor donated the land to the Town of Wallaceburg. He stipulated the land was to be used for municipal purposes, and it became the site of the First Town Hall and Opera House. In 1905, the Hedgling Brass and Iron Manufacturing Company (now the former Waltec) began its operations in this building's basement. In 1925, the Wallaceburg Hydro building was constructed on the site. The Town of Wallaceburg purchased the building from Wallaceburg Hydro in 1983. To see a full timeline of the museum, click here! 

The History of the WDHS

In 1974, five men joined together to create the Wallaceburg and District Historical Society (WDHS). They were Doug Thompson, A.G. Fairhead, Tom Chatterton, Frank Mann and Al Mann.

Early meetings were held in W.T. Lang Central School and later in Wallaceburg District Secondary School. After ten years of  researching, compiling, interviewing and taping, microfilming, and storing historical artifacts, the Wallaceburg and District Museum was created.

The society left a legacy of preserving Wallaceburg’s history and since then, people who shared that same dream have joined. This dedicated group of individuals are still hard at work today at the museum, continuing the goals of the original five. The society works to keep history an interesting and important subject for now and for generations to come. One of the many ways they keep the museum funded, is through events and grants. 

Our mission is to "Preserve the Past for the Future."