Weapons - REF

RL-6 Rocket Cannon

The RL-6 is standard issue with the Light Combat Cyclone. Unlike some of the other weapons, the RL-6 rocket cannon can be mounted on the cycle's undercarriage for storage or top mounted on the right or left side. In the top mounted position, the rocket cannon can be easily fired, but in a fixed forward position.

The mini-missile rockets are carried in a six (6) round box magazine. Reloading of all six missiles requires one full melee. The RL-6 Rocket Cannon is a futuristic version of a recoilless rifle and can be used by normal humans wearing no mecha as a shoulder supported weapon.

Mega-Damage: Depends on missile type
Range: 4000ft
Payload: 6 rounds
Rate of Fire: 1 at a time, up to 6 per melee