This section covers all non-vehicle mounted weapons. One thing should be noted: This list is not exclusive. ALL weapons that exist in the modern world at this moment, also exist in the Robotech universe (although some may be hard to come by). So think of this list as being in addition to those.

Macross Saga

Southern Cross

    Armies of the Southern Cross

    • PPL-12 Panther Pulse Laser
    • Tri-Laser
    • L.P. Nightstalker
    • P-20 Pulse Laser
    • Lancer Laser Pistol
    • RFL-100 Rapid-Fire Laser Pistol
    • ID-4 Ion Distrupter
    • Putnum Stun Gun
    • LR-20 Laser Rifle
    • PR-30 Pulse Rifle
    • LR-30 Laser Assault Rifle
    • Cobalt Grenade

    Robotech Masters

    • Bioroid Blaster
    • Weapon Drum
    • Heavy Laser Assault Rifle

New Generation