Little is actually known about the gargantuan spacecraft of the Robotech Masters. The vessel is designed for all space conditions and has been the wandering home of the Robotech Masters for centuries. Consequently, the mothership is completely self-contained environment, with oxygen purification and purge system, circulatory system, water storage, food manufacturing, bio-protoculture cloning facilities, laboratories, medical facilities, bioroid manufacturing/storage areas, abandoned areas, weapons manufacturing, protoculture chamber, generator rooms, and a level that resembles medieval Italy with its stone pillars and intricate relief carvings. The latter is where the so-called Tyrolian citizens live.

The exterior of the mothership has a vague, flat, wedge shape, with large and small outcroppings, spheres, horns, towers, and appendages of all kinds. The outside looks ancient and deteriorating. Tucked away in their little niches are hundreds of weapon turrets, as well as hatches for assault craft and bioroids.


Crew: Hundreds of thousands
Speed: .2 light speed
Height: 1.3 miles
Width: 4 miles
Length: 9.5 miles
Weight: Beyond Measure

Weapon Systems:

  • Main Reflex Cannon
  • Heavy Particle Beam Cannons
  • High Powered Laser Cannons
  • Light Lasers
  • Missile Turrets