Officer's Pod [Glaug]


The officer's battle Pod is a standard, combat mecha issued to all on the elite officer class of the Zentraedi army. Its basic design, construction and operation is similar to the standard Tactical Battle Pod. The legs are controlled by foot pedals, arms and weapons by the physical manipulation of the pilot, and superior movement and response is possible through the symbiotic relationship between man and machine via protoculture. The pod performs equally well on land as it does in space. Rear thrusters provide propulsion, while smaller thrusters mounted in the legs and body, manoeuvrability.

The Officer's Battle Pod addresses the problems of the standard, tactical mecha. It is less cramped, heavily armoured, and even possesses hand to hand capabilities by using its arm-like weapon appendages. Additional improvements include greater speed and firepower. Although the Officer's Pod can fit itself into a special armoured unit with trans-atmospheric capabilities, the pod itself can not transform. Approximately one in every 100 Battle Pods is an Officer's Pod.


Crew: 1
Speed: 300mph, 670mph flying in space
Height: 60ft
Width: 26.2ft
Length: 27.2ft
Weight: 41.2 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Particle Beam Cannon
  • 2 Machineguns
  • 2 Weapon Arms
    • Particle Beam Cannon
    • Small Impact Cannon
  • 6 SRM's