VR-052 Battler Cyclone

VR-052 Battler Cyclone

The Cyclone is the latest achievement in human robotechnology. The mecha unit is a light, but heavy-duty motorcycle that can transform into a battloid mecha that's almost as formidable as the old Veritech Fighter. The veritech riding armour is composed of new super alloys that are incredibly light, making the creation of a heavily armoured, man-sized mecha possible. The mecha is so lightweight (200lbs/90kg) and compact that it can be folded down and placed inside a storage unit in an Alpha Fighter. Despite the fact that it is lightweight, the armour provides 200 M.D.C. protection, better than the Southern Cross' Logan and almost equal to the 40ft.(12.2m) VF series Veritech.

The Cyclone is designed to be the ultimate land combat system for the REF foot soldier. In motorcycle mode, the cyclone offers high mobility, manoeuvrability and speed. The motorcycle can travel over the worst terrain with minimal difficulty and is a much smaller target than a more conventional four wheeled vehicle. This makes the cyclone ideal for clandestine operations, reconnaissance and one-man missions, as well as for massive troop movements.

In battloid mode, the cyclone becomes a suit of protective power armour. The seven foot (2.1m) mecha provides a variety of devastating weapons, superhuman strength, superhuman speed and even limited flight. As power armour, the battloid is like a second skin that responds to the wearer's slightest movement. Combined with the unique bond between man and machine created by its protoculture power cells, the mecha can leap, roll and dodge with lightening speed.

To maximise the versatility of the Cyclone Veritech, the mecha can operate on both protoculture and gasoline. However, the limitations of liquid fuel prevents flight and inhibits its maximum speed and mobility. The liquid fuel is included as a back-up system to be used when the protoculture energy cells are running low or are unavailable.

A fully powered protoculture cell will last about two months of constant combat and riding. Moderate use of the motorcycle mecha can stretch that by two or three times. Flying depletes the energy twice as quickly. Cells not in use will stay at full power for decades.

The Battler is designed to be a frontline combat unit with heavy assault capabilities. It comes standard with GR-103 front loaded mini-missiles and a pair of GR-97 forearm missile shields. The cyclone rider can use any variety of conventional or M.D.C. weapons as sidearms. Standard issue is the Gallant H-90, a multi-purpose sidearm that can be used as an automatic pistol (S.D.C.), energy pistol (M.D.C.) or energy rifle (M.D.C. and long range). The Battler Cyclone has been included in the Alpha Fighter as a combat/survival mecha unit for downed pilots. It also gives the pilot the extra versatility to conduct air and ground combat manoeuvres.

Motorcycle Battloid
Speed: 210mph 60mph running, 180mph flying
Height: 3.6ft 7ft
Width: 1.6ft 3.4ft
Length: 5ft 3.1ft
Weight: 200lbs
Range: 2 months

Special Equipment

  1. Protoculture Engine: All cyclones have a protoculture powered engine. One protoculture energy cell will keep a cyclone running for about two months before needing refuelling. Flying and hovering will drain the protoculture cell very quickly (3 times as fast). But occasional bursts of flight, thruster assisted leaps will have minimal draining of energy. Game Masters use your own judgement in regard to when the cell is running low. Be certain to give players advance warning so that their characters will have an opportunity to scrounge up extra protoculture cells to refuel. NOTE: The energy cells can NOT be detected by Invid when motors are turned off/not running. The unusual energy can only be detected when a cyclone (or Gallant) is turned on. Turning an engine off will not necessarily make a character invisible to an Invid; they do have vision after all. A cyclone can NOT be turned off unless it is in motorcycle mode.
  2. Conventional Fuel Conversion System: All cyclones can use regular liquid fuel like a conventional motorcycle. This is provided as a back-up system. FUEL CAPACITY is four gallons. ESTIMATED RANGE: 200 miles (312km) without refuelling. MODIFIERS: Maximum speed: 150mph (240kmph). Hovering and flight are not possible.
  3. Short-Range Radar with Head-Up Display System (displays radar screen inside the helmet). Can identify and track up to 20 different targets. RANGE: One mile (1.6km)
  4. Computer Targeting System with infrared capabilities is located in the right shoulder of the cyclone in battloid mode. BONUSES: Adds +2 to strike with missiles, adds +1 to strike with other weapon systems (pistols, rifles, etc). RANGE: 4000ft (600m) by line of sight.
  5. Radio Communication System: Wide band and directional, with voice command actuation (4 digit code). Earphones are built into the helmet. RANGE: Two miles (3.2km).
  6. Miscellaneous Indicators for speed, height, fuel, time and date are standard for all models.

Weapon Systems:

  • GR-97 Mini-Missile Launchers on forearms (4 MM's)
  • GR-103 Mini-Missile Launchers built into chest (12 MM's)