Leader Bioroid [Red]

Red Leader Bioroid

Of all the standard Bioroid units, the Red Leader is the most formidable. This Bioroid is stronger, faster, and more heavily armoured than the blue or green. In addition to the mecha's enhanced abilities, one must consider its third stage clone pilot. The third stage clone is a fully developed and trained warrior (6th level experience). His own heightened combat skills combined through the symbiotic link shared between man and mecha. The bioroid is faster and more agile, because its humanoid pilot is quicker and more dexterous. It responds as he responds.

In the television series we see Zor, ressurected as a third stage clone, placed in the role of leader bioroid pilot (and later friend of the Southern Cross). He is an excellent fighter (6th level expert) outside his mecha and even more deadly, a leader bioroid. See bioroid pilots for details.

NOTE: Generally, one out of every 12 blue or green bioroids is a red leader.


Crew: 1
Speed: 60 mph
Height: 22ft
Width: 10ft
Weight: 12 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Weapon Drum