Trooper [Gurab]


The Trooper is a big, 16 and a half foot tall, purple brute who doubles as warrior and drone worker. Like all Invid, the trooper can hover and fly, but it is much slower than the Invid Scouts. However, the trooper is physically tougher and stronger than its little brothers. Its huge clawed hands can cut through mecha like a knife cuts butter.

The Trooper is often used to capture human rebels for enslavement, experimentation or interrogation, and to police and monitor towns of humans who are Invid sympathizers, as well as to guard and work at protoculture farms and processing plants, patrol hostile areas, heavy labour and engage in combat. As the lumbering foot soldier and strongman of the Invid army, the Trooper and Shock Trooper are the next most common of the Invid mecha.


Crew: 1
Speed: 300mph flying, 60mph running
Height: 16.6ft
Width: 13ft
Length: 15ft
Weight: 10 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Hand claws