Robotech Masters

For eons, the race of being known as the Robotech Masters have dominated the universe. Exactly how long is unknown. Where they came from, how they rose to power, and what motivates them are mysteries we will try to unravel.

The Robotech Master's homeworld can be found orbiting a star in a distant constellation. On earth, the constellation is visible only from the Southern hemisphere, hence its name---"The Southern Cross". Above the largest planet in this system, a giant called Fantoma, is a moon called Tirol. The race of beings, generically called the Robotech Masters, developed into a thriving society. Yet, it was not until the scientist Zor's discovery of protoculture did the Robotech Masters gain their name and reputation as "techno-wizards".

The discovery and development of protoculture rocketed the Masters light-years ahead of the other intelligent life forms in the area. Protoculture was derived from the Invid Flower of Life; a bizarre alien plant with almost mystic properties. The development of protoculture technology produced three overwhelmingly significant results:

  1. First and foremost, one properly germinated seed, locked in stasis, would give off energy 1000 times greater than the best nuclear reactor. A special system of batteries and generators could tap into the energy created by this organic power-plant and draw on its energy for years. A handful of seeds could power a planet.
  2. When this organic power source is combined with machines, it imparts an almost living quality. this would lead to the development of Robotechnology and the unique synthesis of man and machine.
  3. Protoculture can be used to develop clones. It was through protoculture genetic manipulation that the Zentraedi and bioroid clones were created.
The Robotech Masters were quick to utilize protoculture to its fullest. First they had Zor collect up all the germinated seeds, store them, and destroy the original plants. The result was the complete defoliation of the Invid homeworld. An act of greed that would unleash the Invid on the universe and lead to the Robotech Masters' destruction. Next they began to sell their technological wonders to other worlds, seeing to it that they would become technologically dependent on them. As the Robotechnology developed the Masters became more arrogant and cruel. Entire worlds were dependent upon them for energy and tiny smatterings of Robotechnology. Without the plant itself, no other culture could unravel its mysteries. A seed used to generate power is irreparably damaged and can only be used as an energy source, nothing more. It seemed the Robotech Masters, alone, held the greatest power in the universe. Even the appearance of the enigmatic Invid, which would signal the beginning of what would stretch into eons, did not sway the Robotech Masters.

It is said that with ultimate power comes ultimate corruption. An axiom that became all too true for the Robotech Masters. The creation of clones meant immortality for the Robotech Masters. But, with each passing decade, they became more and more detached from their human roots, until they viewed all life as pawns in some twisted game only they understood. The selling and trading of Robotechnology was no longer satisfactory. If a planet refused to deal with the Masters they were threatened or blackmailed into submission. If a world still refused or dared to strike back, they were annihilated by the Zentraedi, the Robotech Masters personal army. An army of giants that numbered into the thousands of millions and whose only joy was war.

Eventually, Zor, the discoverer of the Flower of Life and the father of Robotechnology, realized the evil that was being made of his creations. After several, futile attempts to stop the abuse of protoculture, he took action himself. Collecting all the germinated seeds (he was still head of protoculture development), he placed them on his personal battle fortress, the SDF-1, and blasted into space. His mission was to seed other worlds. Instead, he would destroy all data on protoculture except his own, and blackmail the Robotech Masters with the last supply of protoculture seeds hidden in the battle fortress. In this way, he was certain he would force the Masters into a more humane and equitable use of protoculture. As fate would have it, Zor would be killed, but not before he launched his battle fortress and last of the protoculture supply to a distant world, Earth. That fateful event would give the humans of Earth the secrets of protoculture and signal the destruction of the Robotech Masters' society, and the mass genocide of nearly all of the Zentraedi.

It has been nearly three decades since Zor's ship crashed into our planet. The Robotech Masters' minions, the Zentraedi, came to reclaim the precious protoculture, laying waste to most of the Earth. Yet at the end of the cataclysmic battle, four million Zentraedi warships were destroyed and the people of Earth stood triumphant. Fifteen years later, the Robotech Masters have come to take the protoculture for themselves. Their own supply is nearly exhausted. Unless they can replenish it they are doomed. Yet, in their arrogance, they still will not share and plan to take what they want, crushing whoever stands in their way. So begins the Second Robotech War.