Here is some of my Robotech art. I'll update it as often as I get new ones completed, so keep an eye on this page!

My Data Files:

Misc Images

    Macross Saga

    • IMAGE: Full sized female Zentraedi holding a dead RDF pilot
    • IMAGE: Full sized and micronized Zentraedi warriors confering in the jungle
    • IMAGE Gladiatior getting the worst of it from a Battle Pod
    • IMAGE: Humans explore a crashed Zentraedi Flagship in the jungle
    • IMAGE: Zentraedi Destroyer in battle
    • IMAGE: Zentraedi Reentry Pod landing in a river
    • IMAGE: Zentraedi Warrior
    • IMAGE: RDF Gladiator underwater
    • IMAGE: Valkyrie in a fist-fight with a Zentraedi warrior
    • IMAGE: Two Zentraedi Theatre Scouts walking through a field

    Southern Cross

    New Generation

    • IMAGE: Size comparisons between REF mecha and Invid mecha
    • IMAGE: Group of Cyclones in a high-speed attack
    • IMAGE: Invid and Alpha dogfighting over a moonbase
    • IMAGE: Two high-tech bandits atop a tank turret
    • IMAGE: Battler Cyclone firing its forearm Plasma Mini-Missiles
    • IMAGE: Invid-mutated ant attacking a human
    • IMAGE: How to store your Cyclone in an Alpha
    • IMAGE: Human resistance cel
    • IMAGE: Invid controlled oriental village
    • IMAGE: Kurgatch Mobile Sonic Cannon under Assault by California Freedom League
    • IMAGE: Firing the Kurgatch Mobile Sonic Cannon
    • IMAGE: Close-up of Kurgatch Mobile Sonic Cannon

    The Sentinels

    • IMAGE: Interior view of an Alpha docked to a Horizont Dive Shuttle
    • IMAGE: Exterior view of an Alpha docked to a Horizont Dive Shuttle
    • IMAGE: Battler Cyclone fighting two Odeon's