Zor Prime

Zor is a clone created by the Robotech Masters from the genes of the original Zor, the father of Robotechnology. It was one, last, desperate bid to regain the lost secrets of that forgotten science. However, the mysteries of Protoculture dies with the original Zor.

Unable to retrieve the precious information from the clone's memory, the Robotech Masters interweave him into a plot of subterfuge. They allow Zor's capture by the humans and monitor everything Zor experiences through an implant in his brain. However, the plan backfires when their witless spy becomes obsessed with destroying the entire Robotech Masters' society. The course of events which follow sabotage the Masters and help lead to their destruction at the hands of the suicidal Zor. His plan to explode the Masters' mothership above the sight of the SDF-1 to destroy the budding Invid Flower of Life, as well as the Robotech Masters, only accomplishes the latter.

Hundreds of thousands of seeds from the germinating Flower of Life are scattered to the wind, fall to Earth and take root. Zor's self-sacrifice saves the Earth from the Robotech Masters, but condemns it to the Invid.


Age: appears to be about 25
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 180lbs
Rank: Red Bioroid Pilot