B.D. Edwards

B.D. Edwards

Edwards is one of the most treacherous humans in the REF. He is a Veritech ace who is said to be Roy Fokker's equal (Edwards will violently insist that he's Roy's master.) He has an excellent military mind and a good head for strategy. Sadly, he is a superb leader, but a horrible team player. If Edwards is not in charge he will never give his all and will try to make his superiors look bad at the cost of innocent soldiers' lives.

He is a mean, conniving individual who has joined the REF for personal glory and schemes of power. His immediate goal is to show Rick Hunter and his friends to be the incompetent wimps that he knows them to be. He's a "chicken shit" officer who would rule his troops with an iron fist. He has little tolerance for failure and will punish those under his command for the slightest infractions and failures. The lives of his troops mean nothing. It is victory that counts.

Colonel Edwards is a bitter loner disliked by all and feared by many. His scarred face (a trophy from a dogfight with Roy Fokker) and the metal face plate he wears to conceal it, serve to reflect the bitter, merciless inner essence of the man himself.

NOTE: In the script outline for the Sentinels T.V. series, Edwards attempts to seize control of the REF, kill Rick and Lisa, and all others who may stand in his way with his plans to conquer the planet Earth, making himself the supreme ruler. To accomplish this he even strikes a deal with the Invid. And sabotages our heroes. Edwards is the worst kind of human scum.


Age: 45
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 180lbs
Rank: Colonel, Commander of REF Ground Troops