Rem is the last of the Zor clones. He's been placed under Cabell's tutelage in hope that his work with protoculture will stimulate memories of the original Zor or that Rem may stumble upon the same discoveries. Cabell was a dear friend of Zor's and takes his responsibilities toward Rem very seriously. Their relationship is one of father and son, with much affection between the two. Like most youths, Rem is an idealist with great expectations for himself.

In combat, Rem proves himself to be as brave and capable as any soldier. Following his mentor, he joins the REF and the Sentinels to crush the Invid.

NOTE: According to the script outline, Rem becomes a close friend of Rick and Lisa Hunter, as well as the android Janice. He becomes a major force among the Sentinels in their fight to free the universe of Invid tyranny. Toward the end of the series he hatches a scheme to travel back through time to change the past and prevent the horror brought by the Invids and the Masters. Whether or not Rem does travel back through time is unclear (it does state that "his plan ultimately fails.")


Age: appears 15
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 180lbs
Rank: Civilian