Karen Penn

Karen is a tough, adventurous young woman spirited by unbridled enthusiasm. There is nothing that is too dangerous or difficult for her. She volunteers for every challenge she faces, although she is secretly insecure and fearful. Karen feels anger toward Jack Baker because he is genuinely confident and she's envious of that. Yet despite Airman Penn's misgivings, she IS a courageous soldier who learns to temper her aggressiveness and competitiveness with compassion and forethought.

NOTE: According to the Sentinels script outline, Karen is constantly pestered by the lovesick Jack Baker. She sees Jack only as her major competitor and treats him coldly. Her idol is Miriya Sterling, who she sees as the ultimate warrior woman. It is Miriya who helps to teach her that kindness and emotions are not weaknesses, but the true strengths of a warrior.

Karen, along with the other central cast of characters, joins the Sentinels.


Age: 17
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 120lbs
Rank: Airman