Jonathan Wolfe

Col. Wolfe is a classic hero of epic proportions. He is daring, ingenious, loyal, trustworthy, honest, brave, merciful, kind, and a concerned leader who would risk his own death to save a life. The flamboyant swashbuckler has risen through the ranks of the RDF, which have given him ten years of combat experience in the Zentraedi Control Zone and other trouble spots.

His skills as a Veritech pilot were legendary before the SDF-3's departure. A skill that was utilized in the testing of mecha prototypes. It was his test runs with the experimental Veritech Hover Tank (Wolfe and a hand-picked team were the first to pilot the tank) that introduced him to the marvellous machine. Wolfe fell in love with it and personally petitioned to have a squadron included as part of his troops; a request that was honoured. Thus, only Col. Wolfe and his "Wolf Pack" have the option of piloting hover tanks.

NOTE: In the script outline, Col. Wolfe stays with the REF and the Sentinels for most of their adventures. It is years later that Col. Wolfe returns to Earth as the leader of a reconnaissance assault wave against the occupying Invid on Earth.


Age: 33
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 210lbs
Rank: Colonel, commander of "Wolfe Pack" Hover Tank Squadron