Roy Fokker

Roy Fokker

As a young man, Roy was always drawn to the skies. He joined with the famous Hunter Brothers Flying Circus and soon became the close friend and mentor to the young son of the circus owner, Rick Hunter. The two became the closest of friends and their friendship lasted up until the time of Roy's death.

Led by his own sense of right and justice, Roy Fokker enlisted in the military during the strife of the great civil war that engulfed the earth, prior to the crashing of the SDF-1. When that war eventually ended Roy had to show his great skills as a jet fighter pilot by being one of the greatest aces to survive that conflict. Because of his skill, he was chosen as the test pilot of the first Veritech prototype, the VFX.

Roy's success allowed him the right to a command of the infamous Skull Squadron assigned to protect the SDF-1. During the first of the Zentraedi attacks on Macross Island, it was Roy that verbally walked the young Rick Hunter into the operations of the Veritech Fighter that he had flown into the fight.

During the long running battle with the Zentraedi attack force, Roy was credited with more skills than any other fighter pilot. He developed a close relationship with Claudia Grant, communications officer of the SDF-1. Roy's life was ended in a fierce battle with Miriya's Quadronos.


Age: 30 at series start, 32 at end
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 170lbs
Rank: Commander, Leader of Skull Squadron