Rick Hunter

Rick Hunter

Rick's love for flying begins as a child. He is encouraged by his father, uncle and best friend, Roy Fokker, and the other members of "The Hunter Brother's Aerial Circus." After Roy leaves the aerial show to join the military, Rick takes his place and becomes an excellent amateur pilot, winning trophies seven years in a row. the two friends are reunited when Roy Fokker, now a member of the Robotech Defense Force, invites Rick to the trial launching of the SDF-1. That festive occasion turns into a nightmare as Rick and all the people of macross City, and the world, are sucked into intergalactic war with the giant, Zentraedi aliens.

Throughout the conflict, Rick struggles with his inner feelings in regard to his role in the war. Over the next few, war-torn years, Rick grows as a skilled Veritech Pilot as well as a person. The sobering experience of war, death of loved ones and consequences of one's actions, mold Rick Hunter into a courageous and strong leader. A role he reluctantly accepts. At the series' end, Rick and his love, Lisa, stand before the ruin of the SDF-1 and vow to see an end to this war. Ah, but our story does not end there.

Rick is now Major General Rick Hunter, charged with the rebuilding and revitalization of the Robotech Defense Force (RDF). In addition, the RDF must suppress Zentraedi rebels and keep peace in a war struggling to survive. His wife, Rear Admiral Lisa Hayes (Hunter), oversees the top secret construction of the SDF-3. A project that will ultimately send Rick and Lisa on an epic adventure among the stars


Age: 19 at series start, 23 at end
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs
Rank: Lieutenant Commander, CO of Skull Squadron