Miryia Sterling

Miriya was the ace pilot of the Zentraedi flotilla commanded by Azonia. It is the assault of Power Armor (female) units lead by Miriya that is responsible for the death of Roy Fokker. During this same assault, Miriya engages in close combat with Max Sterling. The contest is, at best, a draw. Obsessed with beating the human's ace (Max), she subjects herself to the micronization process to seek Max out and kill him. Instead the two fall madly in love and marry.

Miriya has rejected her Zentraedi heritage, joined the RDF and is among the most loyal of the Zentraedi defectors. She will gladly die fighting, to protect her friends, family and new found world from any evil that threatens.

Miriya has been assigned to the Skull Squadron as Max's second in command to ferret out all traces of hostile Zentraedi Warriors. This has placed them in the dangerous South American Sector, also known as the Zentraedi Control Zone.


Age: 27 at series start
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130
Rank: Lieutenant, later 2nd in command of Skull Squadron