Max Sterling

Max Sterling

Max Sterling is one of the many young men from Macross City to enlist in the RDF. Max is a natural! His technique is pure perfection when it comes to flying and fighting in the Veritech Fighter. Skilled in electronics and mechanics, Max personally sees to it that his Veritech is at peak efficiency

He's also made some "special" adjustments which makes his Veritech Fighter a little more versatile and maneuverable. As is customary with aces in the RDF, he is allowed to customize (cosmetic changes) his VF-1J. All of these special additions has caused his Veritech to be dubbed "The Max Type".

Max falls in love with a micronized Zentraedi, and their marriage becomes the first Human/Zentraedi marriage in space; a widely publicised event. Max, Miriya and their first child, are among the survivors of the first Robotech Wars and Khyron's final battle.

Shortly after the destruction of the SDF-1 and SDF-2, Max is promoted to Commander of the Skull Squadron, with Miriya becoming Lt. Commander. Both are charged with the grim task of suppressing or destroying all hostile Zentraedi and are assigned to the South American Sector, a hotbed of Zentraedi aggression. The new base of operations for the famous Skull Squadron is in South America near Argentina.


Age: 19 at series beginning, 22 at end
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150
Rank: Lieutenant, 2nd in command of Skull Squadron