Lynn Minmei

Lynn Minmei

Lynn Minmei becomes the darling of the crew and refugees living aboard the SDF-1. Her natural good looks, girlish charm, and charisma, combined with her excellent singing voice, turn her into a major celebrity on the battle fortress. Ironically, her singing has an overwhelming influence on the Zentraedi who have never heard singing and actually becomes part of the strategy which defeats them.

Minmei is part of the romantic triangle with Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes. While her innocent flirtations and immaturity are a constant frustration for Rick, the two become good friends who care deeply for one another.

After the final battle with Khyron, Minmei spends her time as an ambassador of good will, boosting morale as she always has. On a trip to the Far East Sector, she meets Janice Voss, an acquaintance of Dr. Emil Lang. A friendship grows quickly between the two entertainers and a partnership is formed. Minmei hopes to bury, once and for all, any feelings of love she may have had for Rick Hunter.


Age: 15 at series beginning, 19 at end
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 96lbs
Rank: No military rank. Legendary singer.