Lynn Kyle

Kyle is the cousin of Lynn Minmei, the famous singer from the flight of the SDF-1. After her return to Earth, Kyle assumed management of her career. He harbours a sincere love for Lynn Minmei, but has difficulty expressing his emotions.

Kyle dislikes violence and is very active in the peace movement. His disdain for the military reflects in his actions and words, and he constantly takes verbal shots at the military system. Kyle finds it easier to blame the difficulties in his own life on the horrors of the war, and he blames the military for the war.

Kyle is a borderline alcoholic with a short temper. He is often prone to self-pity and tends to have an abrasive attitude towards others. Despite his dislike of violence, he is an expert in martial arts and fighting.


Age: 24 at series start, 26 at end
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 160lbs
Rank: Civilian