Lord Dolza

Lisa Hayes

Dolza is the cold, maniacal, supreme leader of the Zentraedi. he views the lives of his soldiers, or any life, as a tool to be used without concern for its welfare. His simple rule to success is"...conquer and never let up until you win." Dolza's interst in the SDF-1 is twofold.

  1. His creators, the Robotech Masters, have decreed that that the Zentraedi locate and retrieve the vessel intact.
  2. He mistakenly sees the aquisition of the SDF-1, and its hidden protoculture factory, as a bargaining chip with which he can extort his way into a position of prominance among the hierarchy of the Robotech Masters. However, Dolza's mad dream of power is never realized, because he is obliterated by the SDF-1 during his assault on the planet Earth.


Age: Over 500,000 periods (Zentraedi dating system)
Height: 52'
Weight: 12 tons
Rank: Supreme Commander of all Zentraedi forces