Khyron and Azonia die in a suicide run into the helpless SDF-1. Khyron is the most insidious warlord in the entire fleet. He is a glory hungry opportunist who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Self-centered and supremely arrogant, he expresses only contempt for his superiors and views the quest of the SDF-1, as a waste of time. Repeatedly thwarted and embarassed by the SDF-1, Khyron grows to hate the "micronians" and becomes obsessed with the destruction of the SDF-1.

He is extremely rash, making him unpredictable. Hot-headed and cold-hearted, Khyron is a deadly foe.


Age: 15 years
Height: 40.5'
Weight: 8 tons
Rank: Commander of Botoru Battlion (15 warships)