Exodore is one of the Robotech Master's very first successes in creating the giant Zentraedi. Although his creation was considered an early success, a sort of proto-type, he does not represent the Robotech Master's ultimate Zentraedi ideal for huge, powerfully built humanoids. Despite Exodore's thin, frail and comparatively dwarfish build, his sharp mind and keen intellect has permanently assured his place in the Zentraedi High Command. He, along with Dolza, is one of the few who has a true sense of the Zentraedi history, the existence of the Robotech Masters, knowledge of protoculture and that it is the means of creating bio-mechanical life forces, and a rudimentary understanding of Robotechnology. NOTE: The typical Zentraedi soldier and officer knows none of this. Even Breetai knows little about protoculture and how it relates to Robotechnology. Surprisingly, Dolza, their Supreme Leader, has recognized the little man's abilities and has made him the unofficial keeper of Zentraedi law and tradition. For these reasons, Exedore has received special technical and scientific education. His loyalty and dedication has made him the close, personal friend (another Zentraedi rarity) and confidant to Commander Breetai. He has served under Breetai for the last 180,000 periods, and with Dolza prior to that.

Together, Exedore and Breetai would grow to understand and respect the crew of the SDF-1. A respect that would later unite human and Zentraedi against the Zentraedi main fleet in a desperate bid for survival. Once united, Exodore, like Breetai, would willingly become an officer in the RDF's Space Defence Force Division. Most of his time is spent aboard the orbital Robotech Factory where he supervises the reconstruction of Zentraedi vessels and mecha for the RDF, and helps in the construction of the SDF-3. When the time comes, he will join Breetai, Lisa, Rick, and the dauntless crew of the SDF-3 on its voyage to the Robotech Master's homeworld.


Age: Over 500,000 periods (Zentraedi dating system. Exodore was the first successfully cloned Zentraedi.)
Height: 36'
Weight: 4 tons
Rank: Assistant to Breetai, 2nd in command of Andocles Fleet.