Azonia is the highest ranking female in the Zentraedi Fleet. It is she who Supreme Leader Dolza, selects to temporarily replace Breetai in their pursuit of the SDF-1. Her large fleet of Battle Cruisers, staffed by the finest female warriors, joins with Khyron's fleet and Breetai's fleet in this endeavour.

Ultimately, she will join Breetai and the crew of the SDF-1 in their desperate, yet successful, assault against Dolza and the Zentraedi'a main fleet. However, those who follow Azonia as well as many others, will not accept the prospect of becoming micronians and join forces with the insane warlord, Khyron. As her affection for Khyron grows, she begins to share his mad dream of destroying the SDF-1 and conquering or destroying the micronian world. A dream that will send her and Khyron to their graves.

Although emotional, Azonia usually keeps a cool head and a sharp eye during combat. She is a powerful and deadly antagonist in all combat situations, from hand to hand to aerial combat.


Age: 48
Height: 42.5'
Weight: 6 tons
Rank: Commander of all Female Zentraedi (Meltrandi) forces.