Scott Bernard

Scott is one of the new generation of Robotech Defenders who was born in space. Until he crash landed on Earth, he had never seen the mother planet for which he would fight so valiantly. Mars, with its vast deserts, was the land of his childhood. Trees and grass were only found at parks inside the protective environments of Mars Base. Of course, he had seen books and videos, but they were nothing compared to the real wilderness of Earth. A wilderness in which he would be engulfed while he struggled to save Earth from the clutches of the Invid.

Young Scott, age 10, accompanied his parents on their journey with the Robotech Expeditionary Force. By seventeen, he had joined the REF/RDF Mars Division as a Veritech pilot. In the next few years Scott would prove himself a dozen times as a superb Veritech pilot and strong leader. The Alpha and Beta were his favourite mecha and space, his favourite environment. Perhaps it was the emptiness of Mars and its distance from Earth, but Scott always felt most at home in space.

Lieutenant Scott Bernard was one of the thousands of REF defenders sent by Rick Hunter to chase the dreaded invid from Earth. Sadly, Rick Hunter did not realize that the Regis, herself, and millions of invid had claimed Earth as their new homeworld. Scott Bernard and the REF's second assault wave to liberate Earth met with the same fate as the first, obliteration. During the battle, Lt. Bernard's fiancee, Marlene is killed and his Alpha crippled. He is fortunate to survive his crash landing in a Brazilian desert in the South American sector.

Scott forces himself not to think about the death of Marlene, turning his sorrow and anguish into revenge. Commander Rick Hunter's orders were that all survivors must head to Reflex Point, the invid's control hive, and destroy it. With firm resolve, Scott arms himself with his Cyclone and Gallant H-90 and begins his long trek to Reflex Point in the North.

Along the way, Scott encounters several charismatic individuals who have been wagering their own one-man wars against the invid. It is to Scott's credit that he is able to unite the individuals under his subtle command and mold them into a devastatingly effective team of guerrilla fighters. The group's members become more than soldiers, they become close friends, almost a family.

At the series' end, Scott and company battle at Reflex Point. After a few close calls combating the invid Corg (pilots a Royal Command Battloid), Scott, piloting a Beta, slays Corg, rescues Lancer and Sera, and lives to see the invid leave Earth. Although 85% of the Robotech Expeditionary Force is destroyed, there is much rejoicing.

A few months later, Scott leaves his friends and dear Marlene (the stage five invid who loves him) behind. The SDF-3 is missing and Scott, the eternal soldier, decides it's his duty to find the SDF-3 and its famous crew. One of the surviving REF Space Battle Cruisers will serve to carry Lt. Scott Bernard through the cosmos on his quest. With Scott as their leader, it is only a matter of time before they succeed.

NOTE: Scott was 10 years old when he left on the SDF-3; thus, 14 years have passed by 2036, which would make him 24. However, Scott IS physically 20 years old due to time and space distortions caused by the space fold process.


Age: 20
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 160lbs
Rank: REF Lieutenant