Rook Bartley

Rook is a tough, independent lone wolf who can take of herself better than most men. She is the classic rebel, driven to prove herself.

Part of her toughness comes from an almost inborn skill for self-preservation. Orphaned from her parents in her early teens, Rook joined a gang where she learned to fight and ride a motorcycle. However, she found the anarchy and ruthlessness of gang life to be undesirable and left to follow her own vision.

Shortly after the Invid's invasion, Rook found a VR-038-LT Light Combat Cyclone, mastered it herself, and became a mysterious, red-garbed freedom fighter combating Invid and righting justice. Man's inhumanity to fellow man could be as heartless as the Invid's, so Rook became the champion of all innocents everywhere.

Sadly, Rook's loss of her parents and family, the betrayal of a friend and the hard, often cruel, life in the savage world Earth had become had made her cold, bitter and hard. She learned that if she did not open her heart, she would not get hurt. Thus, she had no friends nor family, only a burning obsession to right injustices and to free humankind from the claws of the Invid.

Meeting Scott Bernard, Rand and the others would dramatically change Rook. Once again she was a member of a team, friends...almost family. People who championed the same cause as she. Individuals who all suffered from the war, but who all refused to give up. Friends who truly cared and brought out the best in each other.

Despite Rook's best efforts, she began to feel and care about others again. Care about specific individuals, not just some faceless person or lofty ideal. And of those people, there was one very special person. The irrepressible, Rand. There mutual attraction was instant, but Rook repressed her feelings and rebuked Rand's every kindness. Yet, in the end, she could not deny her feelings and finally let herself fall in love.

NOTE: As a non-playing character, Rook is still the tough, self-reliant person she has always been. Together with Rand, she has donned her red VR-038LT Cyclone to fight the Invid for a second time.

Rook, "The Red Warrior," as she is known, is a recognized freedom fighter in old New York, the Quebec Quadrant and in many small towns in the old Brasilia Quadrant where she used to conduct her one-woman war against injustice.


Age: 18
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 110lbs
Rank: Civilian