Rand (Randolf O'Keefe)

Rand has spent most of his young life wandering the wastelands created by the first two Robotech wars. he had learned, long ago, how to survive in the wilderness, so the carnage caused by the Invid's invasion had little impact on him. What was different is that this time Earth's defenses failed and the Earth suddenly became an occupied war zone.

As a nomad, the gregarious Rand had no family ties nor allegiance to a community. The wide open spaces were his to explore. Life was one grand adventure, with the Invid the dramatic antagonists of that adventure. Rand quickly made sport of teasing and outwitting Invid. It was a game that the resourceful, young lone wolf excelled in.

Rand's devil-may-care, swashbuckling attitudes slowly changed while he rode with the sombre Scott Bernard and the others. In part, it was the bond of friendship that grew between them all. In part, it was the direction of Scott. But mostly, it was the realization that this was no game. That people needed him and that he COULD make a difference. The lone wolf had joined the pack.

Yet, even with his new outlook, Rand would retain his optimistic outlook, ideals and happy-go-lucky disposition. Fiercely loyal to his friends, there was nothing he would not do to help them. Surprisingly, the teen-ager's bravery and enthusiasm were tempered by a sharp mind that was always able to clearly assess a situation and select the best strategy. Rand was not one to attack a situation recklessly.

NOTE: By the T.V. series' end, Rand had confessed his love for Rook Bartley and the two rode off together. As non-player characters. Rand and Rook will be together. Both are too idealistic and courageous not to take up arms the moment they learn that the Invid have returned. It is very possible that they lead or assist a small band of freedom fighters and are definitely active members of the resistance movement.

Both Rand and Rook are modern day knights errant. They live by a high code of ethics and ideals that would make King Arthur proud. Consequently, they will come to the immediate aid of other good characters in any kind of trouble. At the game master's discretion, Rand and Rook may join up with the player characters for a while or cross paths from time to time, but they are not likely to team up with them for any long duration.

Both characters are known to freedom fighters in old New York and what used to be Quebec Quadrant.


Age: 18
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 140lbs
Rank: Civilian