Marlene is a stage five Invid who appears human in every way. The Regis created her to spy on Scott Bernard's group of freedom fighters, but a mishap gave her amnesia. She is found helpless and nude, like an infant. She can barely talk and seems terrified by everything. Scott names her Marlene (real Invid name is Ariel) and the group takes her in their company. Over the months that follow, Marlene becomes an integral part of the group as they fight Invid. The whole times she believes herself to be human. It is quit a shock to her and the others when it is discovered she is an Invid (green blood).

In an act of bravery, Marlene confronts the Regis and tries to convince her that what the Invid are doing is as wrong as what the Robotech Masters did to them. Together with Sera, she is able to cause the Regis enough doubt, that the Regis decides to leave this planet, for the shadow of the Robotech Masters is still present and adversely affecting her children.

Marlene stays on Earth because she feels more human than Invid. Although she professes her love to Scott, he leaves her behind as he takes to the stars. She stays with Lunk and Annie to build a new life.

NOTE: As anon-player character, Marlene will be found with Lunk and/or Annie. She has no combat experience, although she will find that she can operate an Invid Royal Command Battloid instinctively. She tends to be less combat oriented and more intellectual and spiritual. Marlene will spend her efforts helping the sick, the wounded, the hungry and the homeless, rather than take up arms against the Invid. She will try to avoid battling against her own people, but can NOT condone what they are doing.


Age: 1
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 112lbs
Rank: Civilian