Lunk (William "Lunk" Benovich)

Lunk is an ex-REF Bio-Maintenance Engineer who is tormented by his hatred of war. At one point in his past, he freezes in combat and hides while his comrades are slaughtered. Any effort to save them would have been futile and would have led to his death as well, but all Lunk feels is that he was a coward. Lunk's guilt turned him into a noncommittal person who avoided combat of any kind. Eventually, he is forced to take a stand, but still fears he is a coward and that, when push comes to shove, he will betray Scott and his new friends.

Lunk is far from being a coward, which he proves time and time again, until he himself comes to realize it. He is like most people caught in a war, afraid and confused. He hates fighting, the destruction and death. He'd rather be a farmer, but the circumstances dictate otherwise.

Lunk is a warm, gentle giant of a man whose great strength saves his friends on many occasions. At the T.V. series's end, he plans to finally start his farm and live a simple, quiet life. At least for the immediate time being. Annie and Marlene accompany him, mostly because they have nowhere else to go.

NOTE: As non-player characters, we can assume that Lunk, Annie and Marlene will not take the return of the Invid laying down. It is almost certain that they would again join the resistance fighters and likely reunite with Rook and Rand and/or Lancer and Sera. However, the group did split up and it was several months afterward that the Invid returned.


Age: 25
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 240lbs
Rank: REF Sergeant