Lancer (Yellow Dancer)


Lancer is a soldier from the REF's first assault attempt to liberate Earth. The fleet crushed and Lancer alone, he settles down in a small town where he falls in love. But Lancer can not just sit back while the Invid enslave mankind. Instead, he begins to apply his skills as an REF Military Specialist to gather intelligence and establish an underground resistance league. To his dismay, he discovers that the majority of the townspeople have succumbed to invid's domination and are active Invid sympathizers. When they discover Lancer's covert operations to undermine their Invid masters, the townspeople turn on him. The only way he can escape is by disguising himself as a woman (his girl friend's idea) and slips out of town.

The disguise is so effective that it gives Lancer an idea for the perfect secret identity. Combining his uncanny ability to appear and act feminine with his natural talent as a singer (professional quality), Lancer is able to create a believable alter ego, that of the female singer called "Yellow Dancer." As a woman, he is not perceived to be a threat. As Yellow Dancer, the entertainer, he can travel from town to town without rousing suspicion and can gain access to places and individuals that only a celebrity could. The Yellow Dancer persona is the perfect way to quietly gather intelligence and pass information along to members of the freedom fighters network.

Eventually Lancer joins with Scott Bernard and his group of freedom fighters. Together they reap mayhem among the Invid, ambushing patrols, protecting towns, sabotaging a protoculture processing plant and destroying an Invid hive. Along the way, Lancer encounters the Invid princess, Sera and a strange bond develops between them. In the climactic battle at Reflex Point, Sera saves his life and proclaims that she is falling in love with Lancer. She joins the rebels and stays behind on Earth with her love, the enigmatic Lancer.

NOTE: He is a courageous and skilled warrior who seldom loses his cool. It is this calculated reserve and his sharp, analytical mind that make him a natural at covert operations. He can quickly size up a situation and take the most appropriate action. Although cunning, experienced and loyal, Lancer is best as an independent operative or a solid second in command. He is NOT the leader type.


Age: 24
Height: 6'
Weight: 130lbs
Rank: REF Lieutenant