Annie (Annie "Mint" LaBelle)

Annie is a happy free spirit who has been swept into the Invid war. She tends to be hyperactive, talkative, impetuous and overzealous. Too often she acts on her feelings and not on her head, which gets her into trouble. Annie is an innocent who feels she must do her part to combat the Invid, yet she is frustrated because she has no special skills nor the physical strength to do so. Still, she is feisty, courageous, and a survivor.

The group of freedom fighters led by Scott become her new family. By the T.V. series's end, Annie has matured somewhat, learning to be more self-reliant and less childless. She stays with Lunk and Marlene to carve out a new life together.

NOTE: As a non-player character, Annie will be with or near Lunk. If she's not actively on the road with Lunk and the others, she will be using her gift of gab and enthusiasm to rally the small town she's moved into. She will stimulate moral and help the freedom fighter movement in every way she can.

Annie will offer player characters shelter, food, info, ammunition (if she has any) and advise. Of course this will be done with much chatter and melodrama.


Age: 16
Height: 4' 2"
Weight: 86lbs
Rank: Civilian