Customer Information Transfer FAQ


How long do I pay Internet Kent?
You will receive your final bill with Internet Kent on Dec 1st 2021. Any outstanding Internet Kent invoices from 2021 must be paid in full and your consent given before it is transferred over to the new provider January 1st 2022. Delinquent accounts will be suspended as usual during November and December. As of January 1st 2022 you will need to update your billing information with your new provider and pay them going forward.

New Provider

How do I opt in to the new provider?
Please use this consent form or give us a call at 519-627-7114
How do I opt out of the new provider?
You can do this by contacting Internet Kent and canceling your service. This would need to be done no later than December 31st 2021.
Do I need to update my payment information with the new provider?
Yes! Once you have an account set up with your new provider you will need to remove Internet Kent from your list of payees and set up a new payment method with your new provider. Internet Kent will NOT be transferring ANY payment information over to the new provider.
Do I have to contact the new provider?
Initially no. Once you opt in to switch over to the new provider, they will send you a welcome email with your account information. So it is very important to make sure we have updated contact information on your account to avoid a disruption with your service.
Will there be any fees from the new provider if I opt in to the new provider?
No! There will be no cost to transfer your service if you choose to opt in to the new provider.

Plan Changes

Can I make any changes to my account with Internet Kent?
Yes! If you would like to change your plan you can do so until December 13th 2021.

Service Address Changes

Can I move my service with Internet Kent?
Yes! If you would like to move your service to a new address you can do so until December 13th 2021.


Do I need to replace my equipment?
No, you can continue to use the same Internet service equipment that you currently have in your home or business. No changes will be required to your settings or passwords.

Service Issues

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble with my service?
You continue to contact Internet Kent 519-627-7114 until December 31, 2021.


Will I still be able to come into the office?
The office will be open to the public until Dec 30th 2021. All in person payments will no longer be accepted. Any outstanding bills will need to be paid at the bank or via online banking.


Can I keep my email address?
Yes! If you have an email address that you want to keep you will be billed annually at $24+tax. All payment methods will be accepted until Jan 31st 2022. You will be contacted via email with updated payment options at a later date. The email will be sent from You must confirm if you’d like to keep your email account as all unconfirmed accounts will be deleted from the server as of Jan 31st 2022.


What about my website?
Internet Kent will continue offering domain renewal and website hosting as per usual. Please contact if you have further questions.

If you have any other questions not answered by this FAQ, please e-mail or call 627-7114.

Thank You.