Welcome to the online home of the M&M Horseshoe Company, the undisputed leader in horseshoe pitching design & innovation. We have been actively designing and manufacturing the World's best pitching horseshoes for over a quarter century (longer than any other horseshoe pitching manufacturer). From our first design the M&M Special pitching horseshoe, one of the best selling, most successful pitching horseshoes of all time. To the A-Mac pitching horseshoe (the world's first ergonomic pitching horseshoe) to our latest the M&M Arrow horseshoe, We continue to advance the game of horseshoes one design at a time.


All of our horseshoes are designed with one goal in mind, to help each and every person who uses our products to pitch more ringers than ever before. Whether you are a top level pitcher looking for that little extra to take you over the top, or a person who just discovered how fun this game last weekend , using our pitching horseshoes will help improve your game. Over the years we have been blessed to have many of the best horseshoe pitchers on the planet chose our horseshoes to help them win multiple World Championships and set countless World Records.


At the M&M Horseshoe Company we are still a little old fashioned, We still paint each horseshoe by hand with a brush. (kinda horseshoe folk art). All of our horseshoes are available in 3 weight classes. Light, medium and heavy. and almost 100 different custom color combinations


The M&M Special

The M&M Special pitching horseshoe was first seen on the horseshoe courts way back in 1986. The M&M Special Horseshoe is the original "M" shaped horseshoe often imitated but never duplicated. The M&M Special Horseshoe is designed for maximum comfort, reliability and perfect balance. The front end of the M&M Special features large 1 inch diameter hooks for super grabbing action. The middle of the M&M Special horseshoe features a large unique shaped ringer breaker which not only helps to keep the horseshoe around the stake when thrown for a ringer, but is designed to fit the shape of a pitchers fingers when pitched by a flip style pitcher. The M&M Special Horseshoe was the first center balanced horseshoe ever made. Since the day it was released the M&M Special has been one of the top selling horseshoes and even after over a quarter century is still one of the most popular horseshoes used today. That confirms what we have been told for years, horseshoe pitchers love their M&M's and will pitch nothing else.The M&M Special is sanctioned for play by the NHPA the governing body for horseshoes. For current price and to order please see our products page.



The A-Mac

The A-Mac pitching horseshoe is the World's first ergonomic pitching horseshoe. It is a combination of proven horseshoe pitching mechanics and a unique ergonomic design. The scientifically tilted blades of the A-Mac pitching horseshoe allows the horseshoe pitcher to comfortably rest their thumb on top the the blade while the fingers wrap naturally around the underside. The end result is a pitching horseshoe which distributes the weight of the horseshoe more evenly over the fingers and thumb compared to conventional horseshoes. When it comes time to release the A-Mac pitching horseshoe it is as smooth as it gets. The special angle on the blades of the A-Mac pitching horseshoe are designed to match the trajectory required to through that perfect ringer. This also aids in giving the A-Mac pitching horseshoe the distinction of being the cleanest and smoothest releasing horseshoe ever made. So if you struggle with your release this is the horseshoe for you The A-Mac is sanctioned for play by the NHPA the governing body for horseshoes. For current price and to order please see our products page.


The M&M Arrow

The M&M Arrow has the same body shape as our M&M Special but with a few exceptions, the ringer breaker has been removed and the toe caulks are now on both sides of the horseshoe. We know some flippers want to pitch with the thumb lug up and some want it down. Here is a horseshoe that works & feels great either way. The most appealing feature on the M&M Arrow for flip style pitchers is with the removal of the ringer breaker the hand will fit /wedge itself in between our special angled sides making it the perfect grip locator. No need to rely on a thumb locator on this horseshoe. (editors note: the M&M Flip is a little wider in the gripping area than the M&M Arrow) For the turn pitchers it still has that classic M&M feel,making it the prime horseshoe of choice for those who pitch allot of doubles where one pitcher turns and one person flips. . The M&M Arrow the best flip horseshoe that can still impress as a turn shoe.



The M&M Flip

The M&M Flip Horseshoe, It features many of the design features which have made the M&M Special one of the best selling pitching horseshoes of all time and combined them with modern flip technology to create a super horseshoe the M&M Flip. The balance of the M&M Flip is similar to our original M&M Special. The M&M Flip features the standard M&M Special hooks with a slight modification in the opening area to give it some of the largest hooks ever seen on a pitching horseshoe. Bigger hooks for more grabbing action and less bounce-offs. The thumb lug or flip lug is moved to the top side of the horseshoe. This allows the flip pitcher to keep the front lugs down for better sliding into the stake, yes the unique angles featured in this horseshoes allow them to slide (surf) better over the sand for maximum results if thrown lugs down. Something M&M Horseshoes Company products have been known for since the original M&M Special. To pitch ringer after ringer you need to be able to grip the horseshoe the same every time. To help you with this the M&M Flip features a small thumb locator. The M&M Flip is sanctioned for play by the NHPA the governing body for horseshoes.For current price and to order please see our products .

The Python

From the outside looking in the Python looks just like most other rounded horseshoes. But looks are deceiving. The Python features 1" hooks for extra grabbing action along with center balance technology (first seen on the M&M Special) The blades of the Python are narrow allowing those with shorter fingers or the full hand grippers to be handle this horseshoe with ease. The Python can be easily used as a turn shoe but recently it has seems to be the horseshoe of choice for the flippers out there that prefer a conventional horseshoe (all lugs on the same side) Awhile ago a gentleman pitched perfect game at the national championships using his Python's and a single flip. The Python is sanctioned for play by the NHPA the governing body for horseshoes. For current price and to order please see our products