1. To support the principles and policies of the Canadian Labour Congress.
  2. To promote the interests of its affiliates and in general to advance the economic and social welfare of the workers of Ontario.
    1. To assist affiliated organizations in extending the benefits of mutual assistance and collective bargaining to workers.
    2. To assist wherever possible in the organization of the unorganized into unions for their mutual aid, protection and advancement, giving recognition to the principle that both craft and industrial unions are appropriate, equal and necessary as methods of union organization.
  3. To encourage without discrimination all workers to share in the full benefits of union organization.
  4. To secure provincial legislation which will safeguard and promote the principle of free collective bargaining, the rights of the workers, and the security and welfare of all people.
  5. To protect and strengthen our democratic institutions, to secure full recognition and enjoyment of the rights and liberties to which we are justly entitled, and to preserve and perpetuate the cherished traditions of our democracy and working people.
  6. To promote the cause of peace, bread and freedom in the world to assist and co-operate with free and democratic labour movements throughout the world to that end.
  7. To aid and encourage the sale and use of union made goods and union services through the use of the union label and other symbols.
  8. To protect the labour movement from all corrupt influences and from the undermining efforts of all totalitarian agencies which are opposed to the basic democratic principles of democracy and free and democratic unionism.
  9. To preserve the independence of the labour movement from political control, to encourage workers to vote, to exercise their full rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and to perform their rightful part in the political life of the Municipality, Province and the Dominion of Canada.
  10. To promote the labour press and other means of furthering the education of the labour movement.
  11. To promote labour representations on Government and public boards and commissions